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Christian Iranian Pastor

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Christian Iranian Pastor
I would give most anything if i were there in Iran in a position to make a difference in that man's life.Until you have confronted one of these Muslims you have no idea how deeply their hate for the west goes.
If you were in the Iranian country and one of them shot you because of that hate alone the chances are that you attacker would go free. You see he has done little more than step on a roach.
There is only one proven way to deal with this depth of hate and that is(intercessation), travail before the Lord for this man and his family until the Lord assures you of an answer.
Right now the Iranian govt. is using him for a political bargaining peace to gain a bargaining point with the west over Israel.
Empting Fort Knox would not do as much as an hour of concentrated pray for this family.
m7th--circle of revival
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I was on Praize on the morning of 9/11. A young muslim came on and we had quite a conversation. He claimed that the US hired Muslims to hijack the planes. Interesting....
Blessings ~ Sarah