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Immigration to US from Mexico

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Immigration to US from Mexico
I wanted to be very specific about my topic here as we have our "Praize Ways" of gleaning to other subjects.

Last night on the news was the first illegal Mexican alien arrested in Phoenix. She was a middle-aged, much loved mother. She had been arrested and spent (I think it was) six months in prison. Apparently that did not give her legal status.

I have not heard yet what happened to her after she was carried off in a white van.

My problem is this: why did she never become a legal citizen? Especially after once being arrested and spending time in prison? Others have made the move. This country is good enough for her to raise her children in. I just don't get it. Perhaps someone her can explain it to me.
Blessings ~ Sarah
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Re: [praizeop2] Immigration to US from Mexico In reply to
Hi Sarah.

These are the people who "live in the shadows" as our former President put it. They have entered our country illegally, but have made a home here for any number of years and are rearing their families here. Depending upon where they live and what they do, they are able to remain unnoticed…well, not unnoticed but a "blind eye" turns upon them.

No, being imprisoned in our country does not give an illegal alien status as a citizen, although there are some "gray" areas of legal status there.

She did not apply for citizenship because she was afraid she would be found out and deported.

To enter legally, if not given asylum by the government, is a lengthy and expensive process and years may pass before the immigrant is allowed to actually come to our country. Progressives (of both parties) got around this by offering visas for education, for work, for visitation. A high percentage of visas are misused and overstayed and sort of "lost" in the system. The people move into the shadows and continue to live here illegally.

Our government has allowed this scenario to take place over and over again during many administrations….and thus, we have had a big problem. Actually, there has been less movement lately and illegals have been moving back to Mexico because our economic situation has been so poor and they have been unable to find work.

Criminal illegals don't care about hiding or becoming a citizen. They just continue their drug trade with gang cooperation. These criminal illegals obviously present a much more dangerous element.

Shadow illegals usually take more from our system than they put in, using our public schools, our welfare system and our health care system because they tend to be people who cannot provide fully for themselves and their families. Worse than that, is the fact that they tend to cluster together making a "little Mexico" wherein they continue to live as natives of that country rather than assimilate. And…so Southern California is gradually returned and other states become changed when perhaps the citizens there do not wish their states to change. And…we must cater to the illegals who choose not to assimilate by having Spanish as our second language.

Mexico has taken advantage of our Progressive Agenda to garner more government dependents and thus grow the State by encouraging their citizens and those moving through Mexico from the South to cross the borders….instead of working to eliminate the drug lords and upgrade their country's wealth. Progressives in this country advertise to Mexican citizens exactly how to get on US welfare, medicaid, food stamps once they enter illegally. Some cities offer sanctuary to illegals and California has decided to make the entire state a sanctuary to illegal immigrants, whether criminal or not.

We will see how that goes under the Trump administration. The Federal Government has always used carrots and sticks to get the States to do what it wants them to do. States have always risked getting federal funding if they choose to not follow the Feds guidelines. For a state like California that may be too large a chunk of funding for them to risk, but until they feel the loss they won't realize that fact.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."
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Re: [praizeop2] Immigration to US from Mexico In reply to
I haven't heard about this situation, strange(