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whats a cult?????

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whats a cult?????
ok Ive heard the word alot but I still dont realy know what it means what exactly is a cult??
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Cult is an insulting term used to discribe someone elses religous beliefs


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a cult is any group or organization that doesent allow its members to think for themselves,ie what they say goes
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There is a policy for cut and paste, but the best place to know what a cult is would be your dictionary. I'll link a few sites directly to the definition for you.




OR a better idea you could see if this has been discussed before... I'll give you the link to the previous "cult" thread"[...]start=&

I think using the general term all of religion (yes, including christianity) is a cult.

Ken says: <<Cult is an insulting term used to discribe someone elses religous beliefs>>

^^ I thinketh you're right. In the vernacular this is certainly what cult means now.
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Here is some info.

How to identify a Cult



Webster's Dictionary defines a cult as:

1. A system of religious worship.

2. Devoted attachment to

a person, principle, etc.

3. A sect.

Webster's then goes on to define a sect as a "religious denomination".

With this hazy definition for a cult, it is no wonder people are confused. We need to turn from the pages of the dictionary to the pages of the Bible.



Counterfeit Christianity" is probably the best description we can give for a cult. Counterfeit Christianity is an imitation of real Christianity. Bible terms like "Jesus Christ", "Resurrection", "Salvation" and "Atonement" are used by the Cult, but entirely different meanings have been assigned to these terms by the various cult groups.

Like counterfeit money which is sometimes difficult to detect, so it is difficult to detect counterfeit Christianity, since it looks like the real thing. Experts examining counterfeit money often hold it up to a strong light and look for identifying marks. Counterfeit Christianity also has identifying marks which can be seen when held up to an even stronger light, the light of God's word, the Bible.

We are repeatedly warned in Scripture to watch out for false prophets, false teachers, and false doctrine. To do this, we need to examine the prophecies, teachings, and doctrines of the various groups claiming to be Christian, and then we need to expose them. This is what the Apostle Paul did in 2 Timothy 2:17,18, where he said,

"...Among them are Hymenaeus and Philetus, men who have gone astray from the truth saying that the resurrection has already taken place, and thus they upset the faith of some."

Jesus named,

"the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate." (Revelation 2:6).

All this "detecting" of a Cult takes time, so we need some methods whereby we can readily detect a cult without time-consuming research. This is possible, and we outline the methods here.




We are at an advantage if we know what to expect from a cult. Cultists are very well trained to appear "Christian", and indeed believe they are the true church, and you need the deliverance!

Therefore, be bold and ask the question,

"Do you believe the group you represent is the ONLY TRUE CHURCH on the face of the earth? "

If they reply that they are, or if they are evasive, making remarks like, "Well, every church has a measure of truth BUT....", you have made an early detection of a Cultist!

Every Christian, if asked the same question, regardless of his denomination, would reply that the true church is comprised of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that HE (not some organization) is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE. (John 14:6).

No legitimate denomination would claim that they alone and their members have salvation EXCLUSIVELY, but the Cults (the counterfeits) do.



Again, under the subject of early detection of a Cult, find out if the person talking to you believes in MORE THAN THE BIBLE.

For example, the Mormons will SAY they believe the Bible, but they will be anxious to let you know that they have FURTHER REVELATION in the form of the Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, etc., which they also consider inspired.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe the Bible, especially their own altered version, The New World Translation, which has altered most scriptures dealing with the Deity of Christ. Jehovah's Witnesses will tell you that the Bible can only be understood by their particular organization, the Watchtower Society. I often ask Jehovah's Witnesses,

"Has anyone ever become a Jehovah's Witness by studying the Bible alone?"

Of course not. Other Cults also believe they have EXCLUSIVE UNDERSTANDING of the Bible, as it is explained to them by their particular prophet.

Watch out for anyone trying to interpret Scripture for you, or using the Bible like a "dictionary". That is, they make their point, and then refer to isolated texts, often hopscotching all over the Bible to "prove" their point. Used this way, the Bible can be made to say almost anything. Here are two Scriptures that don't belong together: "Judas went out and hanged himself", coupled with "Go thou and do likewise". Behold! A new doctrine formed in exactly the way the cults use the Bible.

Also, be careful of groups stressing prophecy out of proportion to other subjects in Scripture. "Prophecy Seminars" are often the first step into a cult group.

Remember also, that it is the Holy Spirit who will guide you into all truth, not some self-appointed prophet or organization. John 16:13 reads,

"But when He, the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come."



The Holy Spirit, through the Apostle Paul gives the Church divine warning in 2 Corinthians, chapter 11, verse 4, that there would be those "COMING TO US" (that is, the Church), and preaching to us "ANOTHER JESUS", a "DIFFERENT GOSPEL", with a "DIFFERENT SPIRIT". This is perhaps the best definition of a Cult in the Bible.

In Verse 13, Paul further tells us that their leaders would be disguised as "apostles of Christ". Although Satanically-inspired, they would appear as "angels of light" Therefore do not think a cult has to appear bad to be bad.

On the contrary, a Cult often looks extra good. How do you think the person at your door became so deceived, except that the cult looked so good to them? Bear in mind that you are usually not talking to a deliberate deceiver, but a poor, misguided soul. Cults may look and seem like genuine Christians, perhaps even just another denomination. Do not look on the outward appearance--use your detectors!

Many Cults have begun as "interdenominational Bible Study Groups". As long as neighborhood study groups are under the headship outlined in the Bible in Ephesians 4:11-15, you are protected under the "umbrella" of oversight outlined in Scripture, but if one "lone ranger" leader is answering to no one for his teachings, then look out! As long as he is teaching truth, you are fine, but if he goes out into "left field" with some doctrine, you will go with him into deception.

The purpose of the Cults is to divide the body of Christ. The thrust of their "missionary activities" is not to the unchurched, but to believers in Christ. Missionaries often tell of going to the unsaved and preaching the gospel, finally getting a church going, and then "here come the cults!" We all need to heed the warning in Scripture,

"Keep your eye on those who cause divisions among you--and turn away from them". (Romans 16:17).



Without fail, the Cults have done away with salvation by GRACE alone. Their salvation is always GRACE PLUS WORKS, and in their organizations you can never be SURE of your salvation until your death, or "until Armageddon".

Cults keep you in a constant state of anxiety and fear of impending judgment. The strongest witness the Christian can present in this situation is the ASSURANCE they have RIGHT NOW that they ARE SAVED! Good works are a RESULT of salvation, not a CONDITION of salvation.

"For by GRACE you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the GIFT OF GOD; NOT AS A RESULT OF WORKS, that no one should boast. (Eph. 2:8,9).

"...God has GIVEN US eternal life, and this life is in His Son. These things I have written to you who BELIEVE in the name of the Son of God, in order that you may KNOW that you HAVE ETERNAL LIFE." (1 John 5: 11 & 13).



In the world of the Cults, there are two classes of people. At the high levels, we find the DECEIVERS. At the lower levels, we find the DECEIVED. Remember, you will usually be dealing with the honest-hearted DECEIVED ones, so remember our instructions in 2 Timothy 2: 24-26,

"And the Lord's bond-servant must not be quarrelsome, but be kind to all, able to teach, patient when wronged, with gentleness correcting those who are in opposition, if perhaps God may grant them repentance, leading to the knowledge of the truth, and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him to do his will."

Those using 2 John as an excuse not to witness to the Cultists, should realize that this admonition not to let such a one into their house is referring to anyone who

"does not abide in the teachings of Christ" (vs.9),

obviously now-departed members of the Christian congregation. This describes most high-ranking cult leaders, but those at your door usually have never "abided" in the doctrine of Christ. Indeed, most of them have had Christ misrepresented to them, and do not even know who Christ really is.



This question is the most important one we could possibly ask, for every Cult presents "another Jesus" (2 Cor. 11:4). Listed at the end of this booklet are the names of the various cults and their teachings on the person of Jesus Christ. Cults are often unwilling to share with you their REAL view on Christ until they have drawn you in and won your friendship.

It may be necessary for YOU to present THEM with their own doctrine, and confront them on this most important issue. Remember, if we have the right Jesus Christ we are right for all eternity, but if we have the wrong Jesus Christ, we are wrong for all eternity!

The prime question to ask the Cultist is,

"Do you believe that Jesus Christ is ALMIGHTY God, manifest in the flesh?" (Matthew 1:23, John 1:1,14, etc.)

If they cannot agree, you have detected a cult! Jesus is NOT some lesser or extra god, or any kind of an angel. He is not just one of many prophets and gurus, or an extraordinarily good man, but He is THE ONLY TRUE GOD (1 Tim. 1:16,17). As Jesus is TRULY GOD, He is also TRULY MAN (Romans 5:15, 1 Tim. 2:5). This is the Jesus Christ of the Bible, truly God, truly man! For a fuller explanation, please refer to our book "Coping with the Cults" and the chapter "Defending the Deity of Jesus Christ to the Cults".



Eastern mysticism and humanism have been making steady inroads of late into the Christian Church. Beware of any teacher telling you that you can be "a god", or "part of God" or the "Godhead" or "God family". Especially be on guard for those calling God a "God force". Remember that the original lie that Satan whispered in Eve's ear way back in the Garden of Eden was that she could be "as God" or "a god". There is only ONE TRUE GOD (Deut. 6:4), and we are his creation, not His equal. Watch out for the groups that humanize God and deify man.


Remember that persons who have been led into Cults have gone because they were sincerely seeking for God, and no true Christian bore witness to them. Or, after receiving Christ they received wrong teaching, supposing that what they did pleased God. Cults are clever counterfeits for those not grounded solidly in Bible teachings. It is not too late to lead them to the true Christ, or win them back to their original commitment.

Remember to fight SPIRITUAL BATTLES with SPIRITUAL WEAPONS. Prayer is your chief weapon. Take your authority as a Christian and bind the spirit of deception operating in the Cultist's life, loosing him/her to hear the Gospel of Christ. (See Matthew 18:18-20). Prepare yourself to witness as the Holy Spirit makes opportunity for you, by becoming acquainted with cult views on Christ and Salvation, as well as the Scriptures to correct these views.


Many New Age influences have crept into the Church, usually under the guise of seminars or healing counseling. They do not present a personal, historical Jesus Christ, but rather an impersonal force, or Christ consciousness.

Remember, that although they are using the name Jesus Christ, they are not referring to the Jesus you know and love. The New Age Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible. Sometimes even the Christian teachers of these seminars are following a New Age outline without realizing it. This is a serious matter.

Also be on guard for the Eastern idea that that you can be a god yourself. Christ indwells us, gives us peace, and will never leave us or forsake us , BUT we do NOT become Christ to others. We are not little gods or little Christs. We do not act like little creators, trying to speak things into existence. This, too, is Eastern mysticism, not Biblical Christianity.

Keep the following list as a handy reference. This is not a complete list, so if a name comes up you do not find, please write to us.



Adelphi Organization - New Age view of Christ.

Advanced Organization Of Los Angeles (Aola) - Uses philosophy & Scientology.

Aetherius Society - Ufo group messages from "Master Jesus" in outer space.

Ahmadiyya Movement -

(Islam) Jesus a prophet only.

Alamo Christian Foundation -

Correct doctrine on Jesus but cultish in their denunciation of other Christians.

Aletheia Psycho-Physical Foundation - New Age view of Christ.

Alphabiotic New Life Center - New Age view of Christ: Yoga.

Ambassadors For Christ - Denies Deity of Christ; similar to Jehovahs Witnesses.

American Babaji Yoga Sangam -

Hinduism; Yoga.

American Imagery Institute -

New Age view of Christ.

American Leadership College Inc. -

New Age/occult view of Christ.

AMORC - (See Rosicrucianism)

Ananda Marga Yoga Society -

Founder Maha-Guru is an incarnation of God.

Ancient Widsom Connection -

Lord Sananda is incarnation of Christ.

Andean Explorers Foundation -

See Jamilians.

Anthroposophical Society -

Jesus just man until age 30, and then received "Christ Essence".

Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church Of God - Modalistic view of Christ.

Aquarian Church Of Universal Service - Similar to Unitarian-Universalist; denies deity of Christ.

Acquarian Perspective Interplanetary Mission Receives messages from UFOs.

Arete Truth Center - New Age view of Christ.

Arica Institute Inc. -

Teach that "Christ cannot be God".

Arizon Metaphysical Society -

New Age view of Christ.

Arm of the Lord -

To invite Jesus into ones life is satanic.

Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation -

UFO group.

Armstrongism -

Emcompasses about 100 splinter groups from the original Worldwide Church of God still teaching the late Herbert W. Armstrongs doctrine that God is a family, not a Trinity. Major splits include The United Church of God; The Philadelphia Church of God; The Global Church of God; Other splinter groups are often offshoots of existing splinter groups of the WCG, and are too numerous and/or small and unstable to list at this time.

Arunachala Ashram (Marharishi Center) - Hinduism.

Ascended Master Teaching Foundation - Believes each one can be I AM, not just Jesus.

Ascent Foundation - New Age view of Christ; similar to est, Lifespring, and Silva Mind Control.

Assemblies Of The Called Out Ones Of Yah - Denies Trinity.

Assemblies Of Yahweh - Denies Trinity.

Association For Past-Life Research And Therapies, Inc. - New Age view of Christ; astrology.

Association For Research And Enlightenment (Edgar Cayce) -A portion of God called Soul reincarnated eventually as Christ.

Association Sananda & Sanat Kumara, Inc. - Christ consciousness; New Age.

Astara - Speak of "Cosmic Christ". Deny His eternal nature.

Astro Computing Services -

Astrology and horoscopes; New Age view of Christ.

Alum Center - Believes man is God; New Age.

Author Services, Inc. - Promotes Scientology.

Avatar - New Age view of Christ; similar to est, Lifespring.

Awareness Research Foundation, Inc. -

UFOs; ESP, etc.

Baba Ram Dass (Hanuman Foundation) - Disciples encouraged to acknowledge their inner divinity and oneness with universal deity. Hinduistic.

The Baha'i Faith -Christ one of the 9 great manifestations of divinity. Baha'u'allah greater.

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Felowship-

Man becomes God.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh-

(See Rajneesh Meditation Centers.)

Bible Believers Inc. - Promotes Branhamism.

Bible Speaks - Noted for shepherding and control of followers.

Bible Students - Splinter groups of Jehovahs Witnesses; deny deity of Christ.

Bible Studies Fellowship - Splinter group of Jehovahs Witnesses; Deny deity of Christ.

Bible Way Publications - Splinter group of Jehovahs Witnesses. Deny deity of Christ.

Black Muslim- Jesus was black and only a prophet. Allah incarnate is Wallace Ford.

Bookmark - Splinter group of Christian Science.

Branhamism - William Branham; denies Trinity.

Brandlen Institute - New Age view of Christ.

Brother Julius -

Believes he is incarnation of Jesus.

Brotherhood Of Eternal Truth - Astrology; spiritualistic.

Brotherhood of the White Temple Inc. - New Age/occult.

Bubba Free John; (Dawn Horse Fellowship; Free Primative Church Of Divine Communion; Free Community Order; Laughing Man Inst.) - Claims he (Franklin Jones) is incarnation of God; a guru to be worshipped; equal with Christ.

Buddas Universal Church -

Similar to Buddhism;

Buddhism -

Christ not recognized as Deity. Zen Buddhism also does not affirm the existence of the living God.

Builders - Views God as Father/Mother; Christ-consciousness.

Builders Of The Adytum Ltd. - Occult.

Cabala (Kabbalah) -

Doctrine of Deity recognizes only two deities-the hidden god; the infinite great divine Nothing; and the dynamic god of religious experience. Mystical.

Carp - See Unification Church.

Causa - See Unification Church.

Center For Spiritual Awareness -

(Christian Spiritual Alliance) -

Jesus a man who reached "Christ-consciousness".

Chakras - Type of Yoga.

Children Of God (Family Of Love) -

Began fundamentalist but degenerated into Occult.

Choosing the Light, Inc. -

New Age view of Christ.

Christ Family - Lightening Amen claims he is incarnation of Christ.

Christ Light Community -

See New Age Church of Truth.

Christadelphians - Jesus did not exist before birth to Mary. Not God.

Christian Community -

Similar to Anthroposophical Society.

Christian Millenial Fellowship -

Splinter group of Jehovahs Witnesses; denies deity of Jesus.

Christian Renewal Ministry -

Splinter group of Jehovahs Witnesses.

Christian Science -

Christ is a Divine Idea and his blood doesn't cleanse us.

Church for Positive Living -

New Age; Native Indian folklore.

Church of All Worlds - Occult and pagan.

Church Of Armageddon (Love Family) - Follow prophet "Love Israel". Use Yoga & drugs.

Church of Bible Understanding (Forever Family) - Founder Traill is one true access to Bible understanding; denies Trinity.

Church of Christ -

Most believe baptism necessary for salvation.

Church of Christ, Scientist -

See Christian Science.

Church of Christ, Temple Lot -

Splinter group of Mormons.

Church of Christ with the Elijah Message - Splinter group of Mormons.

Church of Cosmic Origin -

New Age view of Christ.

Church of Divine Influence -

Impersonal god-force.

Church of the Final Judgement -

See Process Church of the Final Judgement.

Church of God, Faith of Abraham -

Splinter group of Jehovahs Witnesses;

Denies Trinity.

Church of God General Conference -

Denies Trinity.

Church Of God International -

Originally formed by Garner Ted Armstrong (now expelled)Follows original teachings of Herbert W Armstrong. Denies Trinity, God is a family.

Church of God, Seventh Day -

Believes baptism is necessary for salvation.

Church of God (7th Day) -

Denies Trinity.

Church of God, the Eternal - Denies Trinity.

Church of Hakeem -

god within makes people rich.

Church of Illumination -

New Age; similar to the Rosicrucians.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormons) -

Believe Jesus was the spirit-brother of Lucifer in heaven; born on earth by the Fathers sexual relations with the Virgin Mary; Their trinity has 3 gods. The Holy Spirit is not a Person.

Church of Jesus Power - Astral Projection.

Church of Light - New Age View of Christ.

Church Of The Living Word (The Walk) -

Followers become the Living Word (Christ) to the world.

Church of Metaphysical Christianity -

Jesus an ascended master.

Church of the Most High God -

Holy Spirit is God the Mother.

Church of the Most High Goddess -

Revival of Egyptian goddess religion.

Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness - New Age view of Christ.

Church of the New Birth - New Age/Occult.

Church of the New Jerusalem -

See Swedenborg Foundation.

Church of Perfect Liberty -

Man is a manifestation of God.

Church of Satan - Occult.

Church of Scientology - see Scientology.

Church of the Tree of Life -

Anything goes thats legal.

Church of the Trinity - New Age view of Jesus.

Church Universal And Triumphant (Summit Int.; Summit Lighthouse) - Jesus a man with Christ-consciousness within him. Similar to I AM.

Circle of Light - New Age view of Christ.

Community of Jesus - Commune; reports of mind control and excessive shepherding.

Concept Therapy - New Age view of Christ.

Conciliation Ministries - Conversation should be to inner self, not to Jesus.

Confraternity of Deists - Reject concept of a Savior.

Consciousness Connection -

New Age view of Jesus.

Cooneyites (Two By Twos) -Jesus inherited Adam's fallen sin nature and did not finish His earthly mission, but they are doing so.

Cosmerism - Mixes Christianity and Buddhism; all religions have truth.

Cosmic Awareness Communications -

New Age view of Christ; Force also spoke through Krishna and Edgar Cayce.

Cosmic Communication Commune -

Believes in Cosmic Spirit.

Cosmic Science Research Foundation -

New Age concepts.

Course in Miracles -

All is illusion; man is still in heaven.

Coven Gardens - Occult/pagan.

Creation Calendar -

Keeping law necessary for salvation.

Crystal Consciousness -

New Age view of Christ.

Dawn Bible Students Assoc.

(Frank And Earnest) - Jesus created; not God. Deny Trinity.

Dhyana-ma-ndiram -

Jesus one of many reincarnations of God.

Dianetics - (See Scientology).

Discover Seminars -

New Age concepts.

Divine Light Center - Hinduism; voodoo, etc.

Divine Light Mission Of Guru Maharaj Ji -

Followers believe their Guru is Christ come again.

Divine Science - Similar to Christian Science.

Divine Science of Light and Sound -

New Age concepts.

Divine Word Foundation -

New Age; separate Jesus and Christ.

Dungeons and Dragons - Occult board game.

Eckankar (The Ancient Art Of Soul Travel) Christ is "god as all men are god".

Ecstasy - New Age; man is God; hedonistic.

Emissaries Of Divine Light (Ontologists) - Do not accept the atoning work of Christ; Mystical.

Epiphany Bible Students Association - Splinter group of Laymens Home Missionary Movement from Jehovahs Witnesses.

Esalen Institute -

"Human Potential" movement; Mystical.

Essene Gospel of Peace -

New Age; Jesus channels.

Essene Light Center - Belief in ascended beings; Father/Mother God.

est (Erhard Seminar Trainings) (The Forum)- Teach that each person is a god himself.

Eternal Flame - Chas. Paul Brown, the leader, claims to be the very body and blood of Christ.

Faithbuilders Fellowship -Denies deity of Jesus.

Family Of Love - (See Children of God)

The Farm -

Jesus a man indwelt by Christ-consciousness.

Fellowship for Spiritual Understanding -

Man is God.

Fellowship of the Inner Light -

Man can become Creator.

Fifth Epocal Fellowship -

Splinter group of Urantia.

Findhorn Foundation University Of Light - Separate Jesus and Christ. Appear to be pantheistic and believe in plant spirits.

First Temple of the Craft of WICCA -

Pagan rites.

First Universal Church of God-Realization - New Age.

First World Conclave of Light -

See Unarius Academy of Science.

Flag Service Organization - See Scientology.

Forever Family -

(See Church of Bible Understanding)

The Forum- (similar to est)

Foundation Church of the New Birth -

Man becomes very essence of God.

Foundation Faith of God -

See Process, Church of the Final Judgement.

The Foundation Faith Of The Millennium- Deny deity of Christ, only a prophet.

Foundation for Higher Spiritual Learning - I AM philosophy, taking attributes of God to self.

Foundation for Inner Peace -

See Course in Miracles.

Foundation for Shamanic Studies - Occult.

Foundation for Unlimited Consciousness -

New Age view of Christ.

Foundation Of Human Understanding (Roy Masters) - Neglects Christ or mentions him in a negative context.

Frank & Earnest -

(See Dawn Bible Students Assoc.)

Free Masonry - Jesus a man like us..

Freewinds Relay Office - Promotes Scientology.

G.A.P. Ministries - Keeps old law.

Gateways Institute - New Age View of Christ.

Gospel Family - All is God.

Gods House of Prayer - Keeping old law necessary for salvation.

Golden Dawn - Occult, magic.

Grail Foundation of America - Esoteric teachings; discount some of Christs teachings.

Great White Brotherhood - Group of ascended masters; usually includes name of Jesus.

Greater Grace World Outreach -

see Bible Speaks.

Guild for Hermetic Revelation -

New Age/astrology.

Hare Krishna (ISKON) - Jesus one of their gurus, but Hare Krishna is their God.

Health Conscious Services -

Each person is own master.

Heavens Gate -

Mass suicide group; believe in UFOs.

High Point - New Age view of Christ.

Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy -

Christ-consciousness view.

Hinduism - No need of a personal savior; each one attains to becoming "a god" or attaining "cosmic consciousness".

Holm Community - Seeks divine evolution.

Holy Grail Foundation - New Age views.

The Holy Order Of Mans - Jesus a man indwelt by Christ consciousness."

Holy Sankaracharya Order - Hindu theology.

Holy Spirit Assoc. for the Unification of World Christianity - See Unification Church.

House of Prayer for All People -

Believes in Atlantis.

House of Yahweh - See Yahwehism.

Hunger Project - Outreach of est.

I Am" Movement - Jesus one of many ascended masters.

I Do Movement - Awaiting a new Savior.

Iglesia Ni Cristo -

Jesus a great savior, but not true God.

Inner Light Foundation -

Meditation and spirit guides.

Inner Peace Movement -

Jesus a man who reached "Christ-consciousness". God is impersonal.

Inner Technologies - New Age views.

Inner Vision - Mystical/astrology.

Inner Way - Mystical.

Insight Transformational Seminars -

See Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.

Institute for Bio-Spiritual Research -

New Age views.

Institute for Family and Human Relations - Similar to Life Training.

Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research - New Age/occult; rejects Trinity.

Institute of Mentalphysics -

New Age/self-realization.

Institute of Noetic Science -

Healing by mind power.

International Association of Scientologists -

See Scientology.

International Community Of Christ

(The Jamilians) -

Christ came again in the form of Jamil Sean Savoy (Born 1959, died 1962). Christ a "universal force" to be experienced but not worshipped.

International Metaphysical Association - Similar to Christian Science.

International Society Of Krishna Consciousness ) ISKON - (See Hare Krishna)

Intuitive Explorations - New Age/Magic.

Inward Bound -

New Age, universal consciousness.

Islam - Jesus a prophet of Allah who was superceded by Muhammed.

Isthmus Institute -

New Age/past-life experiences.

Jamilian University of the Ordained (Jamilians) - See International Community of Christ. Jamil was second coming of Christ.

Jainism - Deny existence of Creator.

Non-theistic humanists.

Jehovah'S Witnesses The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society) -Jesus created as Archangel Michael/lesser god; became only a good man, died, ceased to exist, re-created as Michael again in heaven. Not God. Deny Trinity.

John-David Learning Institute -

New Age views.

Joy of Living - New Age views.

Kabalarians - Speak of "Christ Principle" born within every individual. (See Cabala)

Kerista Consciousness Church -

New Age/godess.

Knights of the Black Circle - Occult.

Krishnamurti Foundation Of America-Disciples worship him as incarnation of God without his approval.

Laodicean Home Missionary - Splinter of Jehovahs Witnesses; deny deity of Christ.

Laughing Dove - New Age.

Latter Day Saints - (See Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Mormons).

Laymen's Home Missionary Movement - Christ is not God.

Lemurian Fellowship - Esoteric view of Christ.

Life Training - New Age seminars.

Life Understanding Foundation -

New Age/Yoga.

Lifespring - Similar to est.

Light Of Truth Church - Occult/Pagan.

Lively Stones Fellowship - New Age.

Living Waters - Trinity of Father, Mother (Holy Spirit) and Son.

Love Family- (See Church of Armageddon)

Lumin Essence Productions -

New Age/ascended masters.

Maharishi Ayur-Ved Foundation -

Promotes Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Mahikari - Both Jesus and Buddha are regarded as refined spiritual beings able to radiate true light in their day.

Manifested Sons of God - Denies Trinity.

Mark-Age - New Age; believes in Christ consciousness.

Matagiri Sri Aurobindo Center Inc. -

New Age/Yoga.

Mayan Order - New Age/cosmic universal force.

Megiddo Mission - Jesus wholly human in his nature.

Messianic Assemblies Of Yahweh - See Yahwehism.

Metaphysical Institute For Research And Development - New Age/Christ- consciousness.

Metaphysical Union - New Age/mystical.

The Mind Sciences - God is a principle.

Moonies See Unification Church

Mormons - See (The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints).

Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness -

New Age.

Muktananda Paramahansa (Shree Gurudev Siddha Yoga Ashram) - Each person strives for his own "God-realization".

Narconon - Promotes Scientoloty.

Nation of Yahweh - God is black.

National Spiritual Science Center - God is all.

National Spiritualist Association of Churches - Occult.

Neo-Gnosticism - Jesus one who possessed a "higher consciousness". Did not die for man's sins.

New Age Movement -

Promises to produce "Messiah" out of a coalition of cult/occult groups. Usually has followers strive for Christ-consciousness.

New Church - See Swedenborg Foundation.

New World Publishing -

New Age/pyramidology.

Nichiren Shoshu Soka Gakkai - True God replaced by Gautama Buddha and Nichiren. Bible replaced.

Niscience - New Age/meditation.

Oasis Fellowship - Similar to Unity.

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies -

New Age/mystical.

Ontologists - (See Emmissaries of Divine Light) .

Ordo Templi Ashtart (Oto) -

Splinter of Rosicrucians.

Pastoral Bible Institute -

One of the many groups still aligning themselves with the late Pastor Russell of the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society. Not accepting teachings of modern JWs. Denies Trinity.

Peace Mission Movement-

Sometimes states that Jesus is God, but leader George Baker has also claimed to be God and Holy Spirit.

Penitentes (Brother Of Our Father Jesus) - Atonement comes by personal bloodshed rather than Christ's death and suffering.

People House - New Age.

Peoples Temple Christian Church -Jim Jones considered himself the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and led over 900 followers to their deaths.

Philadelphia Church Of God-

Breakaway group from World Wide Church of God. Carries on with old Armstronism teachings. Denies Trinity, God is a Family.

Philosophical Publishing Co. -

See Rosicrucians.

Process Church Of The Final Judgement - Jesus a man; three great gods are Jehovah, Lucifer, and Satan.

Proclus Society - Occult/Rosicrucianism.

Project X - See Jamilian University.

Psychiana - Jesus a human life acting out the God-power.

Psynetic Foundation - New Age/astroly.

Quartus Foundation - New Age/metaphysical.

Radha Soami Society - Jesus one of many lords.

Radiant School - New Age/ascended masters.

Rajneesh Meditation Centers (Orange People)

God is not a person. Existence is without cause.

Rastafarianisum - Mixture of African, voodooism, anamism and Christianity.

Reiki - Buddhist healing method they claim Jesus used.

Religious Science - Similar to Christian Science.

Reorganized Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter- Day Saints -

Jesus Christ existed with God in the beginning, sharing in creation.

Rev.Ike (Frederick Eikerenkoetter) -

Deity is "the presence of God in you". There are no literal, spiritual realities.

Rocky Mountain Research Institute - Paranormal research.

Rosicrucianism -

Reincarnated man is a manifestation of the cosmic Christ.

Ruhani Satsang -

Jesus Christ essentially a man of the East.

Saint Germain Founation -

Similar to I AM movement.

Sanatana Dharma Foundation -

Jesus is a man who achieved a divine state through meditation.

Santeria - Voodoo/polytheism.

Sathya Sai Baba - Claims to be Christ and has achieved "God-realization".

School For Esoteric Studies - Jesus one of masters of wisdom; similar to Arcane.

Sience of Mind Church - New Age views.

Scientology -

All are gods including Christ. Each follower strives to become a Thetan (a god) by getting rid of engrams (past trauma).

Scripture Research Association -

Believes Jesus and Christ are pagan names.

Self-Realization Church of Absolute Monism - God is all and man is God.

Shafenberg Research Foundation -

New Age/occult.

Self-Realization Fellowship - Separates Jesus and Christ. Jesus was indwelt by "Christ-consciousness".

Seventh-day Adventism -Believe Jesus is God but also that he is Michael. Christ did not complete atonement at Calvary. Satan bears our sins.

Shree Guru Dev Siddha Yoga Ashram - Believe leader is God.

Sikhism - If a person works his way to salvation he is absorbed into the formless God.

Silva Mind Control -Seek oneness with pantheistic deity; speak of "Christ awareness".

Societas Rosicruciana in America - See Rosicrucians.

Solar Temple - Secret Society marked by mass suicides.

Spiritual Advancement Of The Individual Foundation- Believes Sai Baba is Jesus Christ. Man is god.

Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship - Jesus the man died but Christ lived. Uses seances.

Spiritual Hierarchy Information Center - New Age.

Spiritual Horizons Church - Esoteric.

Spiritual Research Society -

New Age views.

Spiritualists - Jesus was a Jewish medium.

Sri Chinmoy Centers - God is seen as consciousness and light. Divinity is within.

Star Center for the Americas -

New Age/meditation.

Stelle Group -Followers become one with God.

Sterling Management - Promotes Scientology.

Still Point Institute - Christ is an evolutive god, a cosmic Christ.

Subud (Gurdjieff; Renaissance Fellowship Of Friends) - God is a "great life force" flowing through everything and is felt by inner vibrations. Impersonal.

Sufism - God-consciousness by whirling dancing.

Sufism Reoriented Inc. -

Meher Baba claimed to be Christ incarnate.

Summit Lighthouse (Summit International) (See Church Universal and Triumphant).

Summum - New Age/mummification.

Swami Kriyananda - Followers seek God-realization; Hinduistic.

Swami Rami (Himalayan International Institute Of Yoga Science And Philosophy) Combines Indian religious philosophy with psychological therapeutic techniques.

Swami Vivekananda (Vedanta Society) - Mystical Hinduism; Ramakrishna worthy of same devotion as Christ.

Swedenborgism -

Calls Jesus god but denies the personality of the Holy Spirit. Denies Trinity.

Taoism - Worships creator-principle of the Tao ("The Force") Ignores Christ.

Tara Center -

Claim Maitreya (Christ) has returned.

Temple of Danann - Pagan/occult.

Temple of Kriya Yoga - New Age/astrology.

Temple of the People - Mixture of I AM theology and theosophical philosophy.

Theosophy - Christ is the reincarnation of the world's soul.

The 3 Ho Foundation (Yogi Bhajan; Sikh Foundation) - God is cosmic consciousness. Pantheistic.

T.M. (Transcendental Meditation) -

Christ is a prophet. Mankind can meditate into God-awareness without a mediator.

Transformational Seminars - New Age/stress management.

Note: Many seminars under varying names exist, even in the churches which emcompass some New Age ideas. Be aware of regression, scream therapy, hypnosis , healing of the memories etc.).

Two by Twos - See Coonyites.

Unarius Academy of Science -


Understanding Inc. - UFO/ESP.

The Unification Church -

(Also Called The Holy Spirit Association; Holy Spirit Association For The Unification Of World Christianity; The Unifed Family; International One World Crusade; Interfaith Endeavor; Moonies, Etc.)

Believe Christ failed in his earthly mission, leaving Rev. Moon to finish the task; many believe Moon to be the Lord of the Second Advent.

Union Life -

Salvation is to become Christ yourself.

Unitarians (Unitarian Universalist Assoc.)- Jesus extraordinarily good man only.

United Pentecostal Church - Denies Trinity.

Unitology Thought - Meditation/visualization.

Unity (Unity School Of Christianity)

Jesus was a perfect man indwelt by the Christ consciousness present in everybody.

Universal Christian Movement -

All humans are God.

Universal Faithist of Kosmon - Occult.

Universal Life Church -

Do anything you feel is right.

Universal Light of Christ Church -


Universal Temple of Divine Light - All is God.

Universariun Foundation Inc. -

New Age/ascended masters.

Urantia - Jesus a "Creator Son" called "Michael".

The Walk - (See Church of the Living Word)

The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society -

(See Jehovah's Witnesses)

The Way International -

Jesus is not God.

White Dove International - New Age/occult.

Wise International - Promotes Scientology.

Wise Woman Center - Goddess worship.

World Community - New Age/mystical.

Worldwide Church Of God -

Denies heretical doctrines of H.W. Armstrong. Correct doctrine on Jesus Christ.

Yahwehism - Believes Yahweh sacred name of God; try to keep old law.

Yes Education Society - New Age/astrology.

Yoga - (See other names listed below also). A series of exercises and meditation designed to align your body to absorb the cosmic force.

Ananda Marga Yoga - Jesus is considered God, but you, too, will become God.

Hatha Yoga - Beginners Yoga stressing pysical exercises.

Integral Yoga Institute - God has no name, no form, no place. Evil is also God.

Shree Gurudev Siddha Yoga Ashram -

Believe leader is God.

Sivananda Yoga Vendenta Centers-

God (or Christ) is not a person or spirit,

but conciousness.

Tantric Yoga- Achieving God realisation

by sexual means.

You Seminars - New Age/stress management.

Zerubbabel Inc. - God is all.


Does not recognize a personal God.

Not all religions are Christian.There is a difference.

The Gospel message of Salvation is clear:

Jesus is the Way, the Truth,and the Life.

No one comes to the Fatherexcept through Him

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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
kotman/Culty says: <<Webster's Dictionary defines a cult as:

1. A system of religious worship.

2. Devoted attachment to

a person, principle, etc.

3. A sect.

Webster's then goes on to define a sect as a "religious denomination".

With this hazy definition for a cult, it is no wonder people are confused. We need to turn from the pages of the dictionary to the pages of the Bible.>>

It isn't a "hazy definition" of cult. It IS the definition. The bible is NOT a dictionary and it does not mention the word cult at all. The reason people are confused is b/c they've chosen a word they didn't understand to begin with and changed its meaning. To further complicate things instead of having the humility to admit they were wrong (if they are shown), they have continued to use a false meaning of the word so that its vernacular has no relation to its actual book meaning. When the vernacular and the book language diverge you reach a diglossia ([...]1604680). Usually it is the book language rather than the vernacular that wins out by its virtue of being the original or more correct version.

If you want to talk about the Christians who don't follow your form of christianity, then go ahead and do so. Personally though, I have no use for intentional/willful ignorance.
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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
This is an interesting thread. It begs the following question in my mind:

Can one be a Christian without Christ? ie. if a group denies Christ in some form (His divinity, His humanity, Salvation through Him alone), can they still be considered Christian?
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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
Here is some information that you could start with?

Hope this whelps.

Here is some info.

How to identify a Cult



Webster's Dictionary defines a cult as:

1. A system of religious worship.

2. Devoted attachment to

a person, principle, etc.

3. A sect.

Webster's then goes on to define a sect as a "religious denomination".

With this hazy definition for a cult, it is no wonder people are confused. We need to turn from the pages of the dictionary to the pages of the Bible.



Counterfeit Christianity" is probably the best description we can give for a cult. Counterfeit Christianity is an imitation of real Christianity. Bible terms like "Jesus Christ", "Resurrection", "Salvation" and "Atonement" are used by the Cult, but entirely different meanings have been assigned to these terms by the various cult groups.

Like counterfeit money which is sometimes difficult to detect, so it is difficult to detect counterfeit Christianity, since it looks like the real thing. Experts examining counterfeit money often hold it up to a strong light and look for identifying marks. Counterfeit Christianity also has identifying marks which can be seen when held up to an even stronger light, the light of God's word, the Bible.

We are repeatedly warned in Scripture to watch out for false prophets, false teachers, and false doctrine. To do this, we need to examine the prophecies, teachings, and doctrines of the various groups claiming to be Christian, and then we need to expose them. This is what the Apostle Paul did in 2 Timothy 2:17,18, where he said,

"...Among them are Hymenaeus and Philetus, men who have gone astray from the truth saying that the resurrection has already taken place, and thus they upset the faith of some."

Jesus named,

"the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate." (Revelation 2:6).

All this "detecting" of a Cult takes time, so we need some methods whereby we can readily detect a cult without time
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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
A good tool for evaluating cults is

The Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame

(Version 2.6)

Copyright © 1979, 2001, 2004 c.e., Isaac Bonewits

The ABCDEF is used by Psychology professionals and law enforcement oficials to guage the potential dangers posed by "cults".

You can see a copy of it here

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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to


This is a valuable resource, thanks for posting it. I had used this method several months ago in identifying cult behaviour in a group and because of this resource I was able to avoid a certain group
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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
A cult is the following..... an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices. An unorganized religion.

People will say anyone is in a cult, if they are a different religion as christianity. I'm not a christian, used to be, but i'm not anymore and will never be agin. But has anyone ever heard of the twelve tribes? They are considered a cult because they wish to be different from the world. They are considered a cult because they choose to live the way we should live. not celebrating a holiday that isn't even found ANYWHERE in the scriptures. The believe that children should be homeschooled. I think that is the best way to raise a child. The only thing a cult basically is , anything that is nnot christianity. But don't get me wrong, there are satanic cults out there. There are some cults, and there are organiztaions that are called cults but do not believe they are a cult.
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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
hope these links help!


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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
Messianbeliever16 says:

“The only thing a cult basically is , anything that is nnot christianity.”

I think there are a lot of non Christians who will disagree with you.

“There are some cults, and there are organiztaions that are called cults but do not believe they are a cult.”

What’s the difference?


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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
"Can one be a Christian without Christ? ie. if a group denies Christ in some form (His divinity, His humanity, Salvation through Him alone), can they still be considered Christian?"

Who gets to decide what or who a cult is? One can be a Christian, and not have the same knowledge level as the next guy. "Apologetics" ministries have evolved into cults themselves now.

The Bible says that only God knows the heart. It is really odd how so many cult "ministries" seem to feel they can do this with people who do not think like them on a given doctrine.

2 Tim.2:19 Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.

Only God knows them that are His.

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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In religion and sociology, a cult is a cohesive group of people (often a relatively small and recently founded religious movement) devoted to beliefs or practices that the surrounding culture or society considers to be far outside the mainstream. Its separate status may come about either due to its novel belief system, because of its idiosyncratic practices or because it opposes the interests of the mainstream culture. Other non-religious groups may also display cult-like characteristics.

In common usage, "cult" has a negative connotation, and is generally applied to a group by its opponents, for a variety of reasons. Understandably, most, if not all, groups that are called "cults" deny this label. Some anthropologists and sociologists studying cults have argued that no one yet has been able to define “cult” in a way that enables the term to identify only groups that have been claimed as problematic[citation needed].

The literal and traditional meanings of the word cult is derived from the Latin cultus, meaning "care" or "adoration", as "a system of religious belief or ritual; or: the body of adherents to same"32. In English, it remains neutral and a technical term within this context to refer to the "cult of Artemis at Ephesus" and the "cult figures" that accompanied it, or to "the importance of the Ave Maria in the cult of the Virgin." This usage is more fully explored in the entry Cult (religious practice).

In non-English European terms, the cognates of the English word "cult" are neutral, and refer mainly to divisions within a single faith, a case where English speakers might use the word "sect", as in "Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism are sects (or denominations) within Christianity". In French or Spanish, culte or culto simply means "worship" or "religious attendance"; thus an association cultuelle is an association whose goal is to organize religious worship and practices.

The word for "cult" in the popular English meaning is secte (French) or secta (Spanish). In German the usual word used for the English cult is Sekte, which also has other definitions. A similar case is the Russian word sekta.

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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
Every cult can be defined as a group having all of the following 5 characteristics:

1. It uses psychological coercion to recruit, indoctrinate and retain its members

2. It forms an elitist totalitarian society

3. Its founder leader is self-appointed, dogmatic, messianic, not accountable and has charisma

4. It believes 'the end justifies the means' in order to solicit funds

recruit people

5. Its wealth does not benefit its members or society


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© 1996 Cult Information Centre. All Rights Reserved.

Question: "What is the definition of a cult?"

Answer: Often in our minds we think of a cult as a group that worships Satan, sacrifices animals, and takes part in evil, bizarre, and pagan rituals. In reality, though, most cults appear much more innocent. The specific Christian definition of a cult is a religious group that denies one or more of the fundamentals of Biblical truth. Or, in more simple terms, a cult is a group that teaches something that will cause a person to not be saved if they believe it. In distinction from a religion, a cult is a group that claims to be Christian, yet denies an essential truth of Biblical Christianity.

The two most common teachings of cults are that Jesus was not God and that salvation is not by faith alone. A denial of the deity of Christ results in Jesus’ death not being a sufficient payment for our sins. A denial of salvation by faith alone results in salvation being achieved by our own works – something the Bible vehemently and consistently denies. The two most well-known examples of cults are the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons. Both groups claim to be Christian, yet both deny the two key doctrines mentioned above. Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons believe many things that are in agreement with and/or similar to what the Bible teaches. However, the fact that they deny the deity of Christ and salvation by faith alone qualifies them as a cult. Many Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and members of other cults are “good people” who are genuinely seeking God and genuinely believe they hold the truth. Our hope and prayer is that many people involved in the “Christian” cults will see through the lies and will be drawn to the truth of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Recommended Resource: The Kingdom of the Cults, revised and updated edition.
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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
Hello debrobillard

What I find unacceptable is that too many are clutching at strange mixes of dictionary definitions; and sometimes, obscure references to Scripture when defining a "cult." There is no stringent criteria by which all can be agreed upon as to what a cult is; and for so called "apologetics ministry" to stigmatize a group due to lack of agreement with them; is just plain wrong. The book, Kingdom Of The Cults, has many innacuracies in it; about a number of groups.

Your #2 point above, for eg., is very misleading; and we should not accept this spoon-feeding by "experts." A true Christian; or christian group, will not be in harmony with the world; and will therefore, in the world's eyes; be "elitist" in nature. There's nothing wrong with that; and it certainly cannot be considered a "sign" of a cult; for Christians do, in following the Biblical mandate to "be ye separate;" isolate themselves, in some situations.

When we consider that most Christians are parroting worldy (dictionaries, police, psychologists, etc) views of what is a cult; we must reject what the Bible Answer Man, Dale Ratzlaf, McGregor Ministries, and others are trying to sensationalize us with. None of these people, are on record as having good solid Bible definitions of a cult; or of cult practice. They have no right to slander sincere individuals or groups the way they do.

Someone above did mention that the word "cult" is not even in the Bible; but the Bible does give some very graphic description of what could be considered cult or cult like.

I don't mean to say that any of the above named professionals have nothing valuable to offer us in this subject; for they certainly can give us some certain clues as to some very dangerous groups out there; but when we, as Christians, decide to proscribe and defame another religious group as a cult, we overstep the Biblical mandate to "always be ready to give a reason."
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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
Amen Sir ! Amen !!



ACTS 24:14
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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
I really think that much harm has been done by so called "counter-cult" ministry in general. I know what they say about my own denomination, (Seventh-day Adventist); but in all honesty; I am posting this way because of what they also say about other groups.

If I ever show someone I know some of the stuff out there from certain "ministries" who are "reaching out," and I mean to some non-Christian friends; they are almost always repulsed by what they see. But, this is what hurts to hear. Anyone I have showed some of the writings to by the more well-known apologetics ministries has not just been repulsed by the ministry; but they are turned off of Christianity altogether. That hurts more.

We should really think carefully what we do to the name of Christ when we swallow the spoon-feedings of MacGregors Ministries, to use one of many possible examples. What they say about Jehovah's Witnesses, for eg. is absolutely wild. I don't know how anyone can swallow it. I personally know some Witnesses. They are the sweetest, kindest people you would ever

want for neighbors. Sites like MM unfairly maligns and marginalizes such people who atleast are trying to be Godly.

I firmly believe that some JW doctrines are very wrong; they are not Biblical; but how many of us reading this today would want to go half as far as MM does in their shoes?

One of the things we are being spoon-fed by the cult ministries is that of "the essentials." The Bible Answer Man is one who espouses this a lot. And; I suppose thats not so bad; in and of itself; but look at what happens to his "ministry" as soon as

he runs across "abberrant teachings." (I can cite documented details for anyone who doesn't know what I mean there). Who appointed the various Evangelical denominations to be arbiters of "essentials" or who is a "cult." The purpose of the label of "cult" is a worldy purpose. When the police warn the public

about a genuine "cult" it is because the group in question is very dangerous. (and we need that)But, what do the cult ministries find so "dangerous" about a Jehovah's Witness? Or a Mormon? Or a Muslim? How come we, as Christians, are so scared of such? If we know our Bibles; and we know Jesus; do such groups really pose a serious threat? No! It is always an opportunity. You may be the only "Bible" that these people see; and guess what most of them are going to see, if you are busy in a "discernment ministry," denouncing and proscribing the many

innocents within their group?

As a Seventh-day Adventist; I recognize the Bible Truth that there will be people saved in all denominations. Everyone who calls on the name of Jesus will be ....SAVED.!! What is meant by "the name of Jesus" in this text is a very interesting

line of study; which I think maybe a lot of people need to learn, or re-learn...but that's for another topic, likely.

It is important to warn about false doctrine. The apostles fought hard to do so at times even giving life and limb to do so. What many so called "Christian" apologetics do is really just a form of animism, which is the doctrine that all natural

objects and the universe itself have souls. They take a false doctrine, and attach life & soul to it, using it to deride people who often are not anything like a "cult;" or the doctrine.

History shows many sad records where we attack people, instead of ideas. I suppose the reason we do is because we know that a person can actually be killed, during extreme disagreements; but how do you kill an idea? Unless the character or motive can be

maligned; most apologetics ministries havent got a doctrine to stand on.

To me; the over-riding theme of all doctrines should be "Christ, and Him crucified." The power and influence of all other doctrines will be felt, according to their relation to this theme. I don't see this happening in most "apologetics."
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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
OOps. Somehow i did two of the above posts...
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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
could someone explain to me why mormonism is a cult exactly? what makes us a cult?
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Re: whats a cult????? In reply to
Hi, please read my two threads above about the definition of cults. Thank you for posting! Matthew 5:6