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I had holy laughter when not a Christian

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I had holy laughter when not a Christian
It was at the age of 15-16. Standing in a Catholic church entrance. My friend and I were standing in there. No one was around. You could go in there and look. I told my friend a dirty joke. We laughed and laughed. He stopped. I couldn't. it just kept going on and on. It wasn't funny anymore, my stomach was hurting, yet couldn't stop laughing.

I was a bad rebelious boy at that age. It was obvious the laughing was out of control. How can you laugh when it isn't funny anymore and your hurting. The answer is you can't. A demon will take hold of a dirty joker. We told some dirty jokes in those days. we had lots of demons.

In the years as a Christian, 40 years. It was by the grace of God to learn the message of the cross is death to the self life. I am a holy man of God. Some call me extreme. Much of the time I find myself in travail. It includes crying. It is a inner working of the Holy Spirit and doesn't appear through any flesh activity.

The revelation God gave concerning Holy Laughter is it is a sign to draw many to a certain church or religious movement. These believe in a unity of all religions. If you say Jesus and have this unscriptural experience your thought of as a Christian. It is in reality a deception to manuever a person into a one world religious system. The book of revelations calls it the great harlot.

The harlot is not a bride, the bride of Christ is his own people. The harlot is one who departs from true religion or has a religion of their own. 1000s make up the harlot, but the Spirit and the bride say come to Jesus in Spirit and in truth. You cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of devils. Jesus is the true bread of life.

All experiences lead to the scriptures. The advocates of false movements say we don't need the bible we have the experience.