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Once upon a time...

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Once upon a time...
Once upon a time a long time ago, a fellow named Tony (Dionysus) invited me to follow him to a debate forum on a Christian website called Praize. I did and it changed me.

No, not into a believer, but slowly into a more mellow atheist. I was determined to provide for Christians the evidence, which was in me, that atheists are not evil, not immoral, not depressed and not without hope. My initial debate style was much as it had been on, which no longer exists, and I was rather confrontational. But..there were many atheists and agnostics and various sorts of believers on this Christian website, who also took part in Atheist Debate found in the Apologetics Forum, so it was a rollicking free-for-all for many years.

Yet, it was also mostly civil and intelligent debate and discussion. That is what I liked most about Praize. There were good people here who were interested in finding out about other viewpoints and by doing so we often found shared truths.

Still, I insisted that deity belief and the religions that support it are not necessary to be a good and productive person and a patriot, who took the responsibility to family and country as part of being American.

Time changes much if not all, and while I found more to “believe” in when I started following Glenn Beck, I never did choose to believe in faith of unsubstantiated supernatural entities, which created “Life, The Universe, and Everything.”

What I have kept are memories of my time here on Praize and of my friends, some who have gone onto greater social media platforms and some who have stayed here and visit occasionally.

Thank you each and everyone, who have prayed for me over the years. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments. Thank you for challenging me and making me angry sometimes. There is nothing like a good rant to clear away the cobwebs in ones brain.

Because I fear that Praize will be gone soon, I have been copying my blog and the times certainly have changed. I left a version of this on my blog, but it rapidly got lost in the feed, so I am posting it here.

Thank you, Sarah, for always remaining my friend. I wish you and yours the very best of life and please live it as fully as you are able. You have kept Praize alive and that has been important to many people, even if we never hear from them on the forums.

Thank you, Sarah, for accepting me as I am. There will always be a special place in my heart for you

Hugs all around.


p.s. I think I am getting fed up with the spam posts and blogs here, so I propose to try to start a topic for discussion once a week. I hope some will join in and not let Praize just spiral downward to the end. Why not go out with a bang?
"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."