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On healing...

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On healing...
Sarah wrote in another thread the following, which I have posted in its entirety in order to further discuss here:

<<A wise friend of mine (and yours) once said: If you believe in God's healing, then believe in God's healing; if you believe in doctors, then believe in doctors.

That has stuck with me... But that is not the topic. The topic is the catholic church. :)

(and PLEASE don't think I am criticizing anyone for the choices that they make)
Blessings ~ Sarah>>

Sarah, can you believe in doctors who believe in God's healing and that they are part of God's healing when they treat a person or perform surgery?

Can humans be used as a tool of God when it is with God's blessing? I have three different fonts on this one post... gremlins, no doubt.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."