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A question...seriously...

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A question...seriously...
Hello all.

As you may know, I have a good friend, who is both older than I and a devout Christian. We speak on the phone a few times a week and she knows I am an atheist.

Today she was relating to me how her son-in-law and his best friend and singing partner in their professional singing group, which lost its female singer tragically to meningitis recently, were contemplating a search for the woman's replacement. She offered her opinion, which was just stay the two of you, because women can bring trouble, but if you feel you have to add a woman, at least get one that can sing good harmony.

I replied...well, yes it is worth a search and they can offer the position on a trial basis. To which she replied that she ended up advising them to put the search in God's hands.

And...I told her that if they don't know how to choose a female singing partner, then they had no business singing in a group to begin with. She laughed and said they certainly did know.

But...her default position was that they should let God find a woman to sing with them.

Is this just talk...or do devout Christians really default all their decision making to God? Doesn't God expect even the devoutly faithful to do their own work?

I can understand the idea of sorting through singers and settling on a few and then seeking some sort of wisdom to choose based upon contemplative prayer, but are Christians so handicapped by their faith that they can't make a move without guidance from God?

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."