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This came from a friend in Face book please look at something that is of God from facebook

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This came from a friend in Face book please look at something that is of God from facebook
Gary Northington created a doc.
Lately I have felt a restlessness in my spirit. It almost seems to be stirred by a faint but persistent sound, not audible to the human ear. Perhaps it is the distant sound of heavenly thunder, letting us know that a storm is on the way. Or it could even be the sound of a trumpet, one that is calling Gods remnant to assembly, an...d telling us to prepare for a coming battle.
I feel in my heart that this sound is from the Lord, for this restlessness is felt by Saints worldwide. We see great unrest in the middle East, and it seem like spiritual battle lines are being formed, as well as opposing battle plans that are being made.
I sense in my spirit, that the church has diluted its strength by dividing itself into different camps, separated by imaginary boundary lines, that have been created by difference in doctrines, that are not essential to our salvation. Little differences that have now become mountains, because of the lies of the enemy, as well as the pride of men.
I want to echo the sound of the thunder or the sound of the trumpet, or perhaps it is both, for it seems like I can almost hear the sound of the battle, and smell the rain. Can you not hear the rustling in the top of the trees and feel the electricity in the air ?
I believe that the Spirit of the Lord is starting to awaken his long slumbering watchman. Whispering, the enemy is at the gate, wake up, the enemy is at the gate. I believe that he is calling for his mighty warriors to beat their plows into swords.
The enemy has sent raiding parties into our camps and has stolen away our children and loved ones. Is it not time to make every personal sacrifice necessary for ultimate victory? Peace treaties made with the enemy, he will break. There is no peace with the enemies of God. I feel that the day of decision is upon us. Who is on the Lord side? We cannot be neutral. It is a time to choose sides. Friendship with the world is enmity against God.
This is the time to knock down the alters of idols, and repair the alters of prayer that have fallen down. A time to lay every sin upon the alter of God, and water them down with the tears of our sincerity. A time to put on the blinders of love, to obscure all that would separates us, and focus our gaze upon our Warrior King, who will soon lead us into battle and on to the ultimate victory. The fire will fall on the sacrifice, eternity is at stake. Who is on the Lords side ?
Oh Ye Prophets of the Lord, speak to the dry bones. speak until you hear the sound of their shaking. The coming together, of bone to Joint, and joint to bone. Speak until the wind of his Holy Spirit breathes life into his mighty army. Oh Ye his people, turn not away from the sound of his voice, for deep is calling to deep, and his return is close at hand.

My thoughts are few on this presently far as sharing any ways. But in this a wake up call and truth is showered on the sleeping giant the church. God is saying people it is not the politicians it is not their policies it is me. Watch and pray, remember prayer is two way not one (mololouge) to the itching ears.
Is this message appropiate for believers that are pressing in YES emphaticaly YES. Why? Well because we need to know what the Lord ias aying to His people just like in the day of Moses. There was signs in the garden God walked with Adam, are we forgetting we are the branches He is the vine. I come to the garden alone while the due is still on the roses and He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am His own and the joy we share as we tarry there none other has ever known.
In 2 Chron 7:14. an alarm goes off so to speak, yet who is really hearing it? The ones who are watching and praying. God has much to say and He reveals His secrets to His prophets. Prophets are you hearing the buzz of fast aproaching the end of the end in end times? Dry bones get nutured back to health be restored to the body and rise and walk and run and be whole. Holieness and joy answering despondent hearts with a resounding joy rise shine for the light has come. Holy Father God in Holy Christ Jesus I ask you today wake us all and prepare us for the upcoming battle. We must know what the sword is capable of help us and lead us with your righteousness, it is in the name of Jesus today that I ask we wbecome all that you desire us to be amen
With Agape love