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Choosing a church !

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Choosing a church !
My wife and I will be moving to eastern Tennessee in the next three to four months. On our previous short visits, we have simply picked a name out of the phone book in deciding where to go on Sunday. However, if we locate near even a small city,we may have to select from a hundred or so churches. After eliminating many due to distance, there may still be a large group to pick from. How can one go about doing this in a systematic way?

I think it would be interesting to read how some members of Praize have approached or would approach this dilemma. I have come up with a number of questions which I think will be important.


1, Do I agree with their statement of faith?

2, Does the pastor/pastors reference what he says to the Bible?

3, Are the people(who make up the church) friendly?

4, Do members of the Sunday School class participate, or is it just the teacher?

5, What is the music like?

6, Is the church an active church?

What additional questions would you add? Which of my questions would you modify or eliminate?

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