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The Prayer Corner

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The Prayer Corner
Hello friends! I've been thinking of starting a prayer corner. Where kids talk about theire problems and then we can pray for them. That's why I am starting "The Prayer Corner". If you have any ideas questions comments or other things please feel free to email me at and I'll apreciate it thank you, and God Bless You. ---------------------------------------------------------People in New Orleans Katrina are dieing and loosing they're loved ones. At least what we can do is pray for them you can also talk to your teacher and maybe have a little donation fair at your school and donate to the people in Katrina they need you and your help and the help of God by you helping by praying and donating. God keep them safe. One of my friend's pen-pals lives there and my friend is worried that she might have died she used to get letters from her every month but they stopped. She hasn't heard from her since the month before the hurricane there last time she got a letter from her was around August my friend is worried and has been crying I hope her pen-pal is alive and safe please donate or pray or both please WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?) Thank you.
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