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West Africa For Jesus

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West Africa For Jesus
George Martin World Outreach

1043 16th Ave. #5.

East Moline, IL 61244

309 631 0559

George Martin

Prophet and Teacher


The church in Nigeria & Ghana, West Africa has cried out to heaven, and a door is being opened in faithfulness by our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Suddenly with far-reaching consequences the prayers of the churches in west Africa are being answered by the invitation of Prophet George Martin to minister in Nigeria & Ghana with a hand-picked team to bring the rain of heaven to this little noticed but needy area of Africa. West Africa steeped in the occult for centuries, suffering from disease & poverty, has turned to the LORD of heaven and earth for help with it's problems man can not even help with. Prophet Martin has a door open to him by the SPIRIT to minister to the pastors of Ghana / Nigeria to impart the HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS in a fresh new prophetic anointing which will stir the fires of revival, and provide for the nation of Ghana the answers only the LORD of heaven can provide. This momentous opening needs to be answered!!!!!! Our fellow brothers and sisters in CHRIST in Ghana have reached the throne of our FATHER IN HEAVEN. It is most logical and natural our FATHER would have us who have such plenty in America to be used by HIM to bring to Ghana what we have to meet their pressing needs. This ground-breaking opportunity will impact lives for generations, as well as being a sign & wonder to the entire world. Finances are crucial to fulfill this mission. Come join the team!!! either in helping meet financial needs, or in prayer or both. All is equal in our FATHERS eyes, from intercessory prayers, to love gifts. FATHER in JESUS mighty NAME we ask you give everyone a heart of compassion to whoever reads this letter, Amen

Contact information,

Prophet George Martin

1043 16th Ave #5

East Moline, IL 61244

Via phone, 309 631 0559

N.B. we ask for any one who will like to help sow a seed of faith or love gift pls send a check payable to George Martin. Your love gift can save west africa today. act now

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