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What is in the name I AM ?

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What is in the name I AM ?
                                                     What is in the name I AM? 


     When Moshe (Moses) left Egypt and headed for the land of Madian, his new life started.  I guess we can separate the life of Moses into three parts.  The first 40 years, the second 40 years, and the third 40 years.  The first 40 he spent as a prince in Egypt.  The second 40 he spent in Jethro’s “D.S.I.” (Desert Shepherd Institute)

     The last 40 he spent as leader and shepherd over Israel.  He started the final 40 years when he was 80 years old.  He was sent back to Egypt by Elohim.  We all know the story, to set free God’s people.  The order took place on Har Sinai, (Mt. Sinai).  God appeared to Moshe in a burning bush.  He received the orders, now, the question is asked; “Who do I say is sending me?’  I mean, it makes sense to want to know the name of the god who is sending the said redeemer, right?  But the answer was not what Moshe was asking.  Instead, he got;


     “I AM that I AM, thus you shall say to B’nei Yisrael, I AM has sent me to you!”  (Exodus 3:14)


     So, what is in that name one may ask if we can call it a name?  Well, the Creator of all things is beyond naming, He is WHO HE IS, which goes beyond human understanding.  In the Hebrew, the verse says; 


     “EHYEH asher EHYEH” it is just translated into English as I AM.  Perhaps that is the closest one can get to understanding it.  “Ehyeh” comes from the Hebrew word “Havayah” which means “The essence of existence.”  From this word “Havayah” we get three other words; “Hayah” (the past) “Hoveh” the present, and “Yiyah” (the future).  All three words are a mixture of just three Hebrews letters, Yod (Y) Hey (H) and Vav (V). from these letters, the most infallible name, the holiest name of God is derived; YHVH.

      No one knows for sure how that name was originally pronounced, but out of respect, we say “Adonai” or “HaShem” (The Name).  Yet it was altered in the English, to make the “Y” into a “J” and then add vowels, to get the present name Jehovah, which is used today in modern Bibles.

     In the Paleo-Hebrew, the name YHVH symbolized “Behold the hand, Behold the nail” which is a perfect illustration of Calvary, and what Yeshua did to pay for our sins.  He received the nails in his hands to pay for our sins, from the past, present, and future.  Just like He is “the essence of existence from the past, present, and future” He bore our sins in his body, for our sins from the past, present, and future. 

     In Hebrew gematria, the name YHVH equals “26”.  He bore our sins in the form of a man (Yeshua) which is symbolized by “6” and thus, an eternal covenant was made “2” with His “House” The God-man covenanted with humankind with his own blood so that we could all have a “new beginning” which is symbolized by the number “8”.  Do you see the connection?    “26’   2+6=8,   and “dam” (blood) is “dalet and Mem” 4 +40 = 44.


     So, the next time you read the name I AM, in Exodus, think of the Creator who is beyond naming, who took human form and received the nails to pay our sin debt to give us all a “new beginning” through the “New-birth’ (John 3:3)




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