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Possible surgery

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Possible surgery
I wrote this in my blog the other day or week, I didn't know how to post a prayer besides my blog so I did just that, I have cerebral palsy and because the way I walk ive been wearing my hip out, so my dr refereed me to a surgeon which is great. well that office called me and said that my dr referred that I get a knee surgery, so on December 15 I meet with my surgeon to see what he says, I am asking for prayer because if I need knee surgery then I may either have to wait til summer or I may have to put my education on hold which I don't want to do in 2 yrs if everything goes well I will graduate with a class 3 certificate in child care. I will keep everyone updated on what happens but please keep me in prayer thank you I have had about 22 surgeries in my life so that I was able to walk and see, so the surgery it self doesn't scare me but its just I'm scared that I wont be able to graduate in time and on the flip side I have a peace about it, I know God has great plans for me and I know that everything will happen according his will this is a trusting God thing at the moment thank you again for the prayers. Again I will keep yall updated.
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