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The Day I Married My Blind Date

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The Day I Married My Blind Date
The Day I Married My Blind Date

Written by: Gabriella Harrington

It was an ordenery day, so i thought. Just checking my e-mails and listening to a man preaching abouth Jesus Christ on Paltalk, where i spend most of my time listening and ministering to people. As i was sitting just reading my e- mails, i remembered to check out the Christianet site where i had my profile for a few months now. I become a single mom 5 years ago at age 47 with my little guy only being 5 years old so i was praying to God to send me a wonderful husband and a wonderful Father for my son if that was his will for us. In the next few months all kind of man was sending me letters and e-cards wanting to know me, but nothing that would couth my attention until a man called Richard send me his testemony. As i was reading his testemony i just felt a deep sorrow and pain for this man and for his troubled life, i just did not understand why, it affected me so much. As i started to read his testemony my tears started to flew uncontrollably but did not know why. I always had a very soft heart so maybe that is all what i'm feeling for this man I thought, I'm just feeling sorry for him, i thought when i heard a tiny voice said " He is your PRINCE..............." No way i yelled out loud in my office , NO WAY he is not a prince he is a frog. That is an insult I told the LORD. I have been promised a prince on the white horse, when i was just a little girl , but something happened never find him jet, but already have 3 children and been married twice and now that i'am 51 years old i have no time for games and you can not be serious LORD, that you tell me that my prince i have been waiting for all my life is a homeless bum and an alcoholic. No way no way. Well i made up my mind i will not talk to this man and i will just ignore him and have nothing to do with him so i thought. God's plan was different and he made it known to me.

I had been married already two times to man i chose and i remember i giving my life and my future to the LORD 9 years ago. One day i was praying abouth my future and my son future and i told my Father that i will no longer date or even go out to meet someone. I will wait for the one He will send me because i pick them really lousy, so i told my Lord that my life is in his hand and i will wait, He told me he will bring the right man to my door, so just rest in him and everything will be okay. I said yes Lord, let your will be done. My unknown friend the "frog" kept on writing to me and feeling up my hot mail account because he was as a web designer ministering on the Internet building web pages and i don't know why, but he was asking me for some feed back abouth the work he was doing. I just wanted to be obedient and to tell you the truth i was sick of it that this man was on my mind for 24/7. I figured the faster i will be obedient, the faster i will have my peace in my mind back. Well my answers to him was brief and to the point. "It was wonderful God bless you" and that is all, but the e- mails kept on coming, and i wanted to do nothing with this so called prince Frog. I remember telling Jesus why he bring this crazy man in my life, look what is he doing what i'am his editor? I could hear Jesus Christ laugh each time and i know he has a great sense of humor i experienced it on my own skin. I remained stubborn and no way i will get involve with his man who wasted his life in la la land and just find my Father 9 years ago. I remember telling Jesus Christ how could you do this to me, he is a FROG and i could hear him laughing telling me YES HE WAS A FROG UNTIL I KISSED HIM. I only know this is not funny and i don't know where this whole thing going to end but this is not funny. I decided to send an e-mail to Richard that i read his testemony and it affected me so much and just keep up the good work, God loves him. Richard kept on sending me web pages he just did and web site's he wanted me to see. He thanked me in his e-mail for telling him my opinion abouth his web designs and told me that yes he use to be a FROG with a lousy complexion. WOW! I thought he was listening when I was talking to Jesus because how would he know about the FROG in the first place. I kept on remembering Jonah what happened to him when he was disobediant and got swallowed by a fish, i better start taking this serious i thought. Also this was getting to spooky for him to know about the FROG. I was just shocked, and was scared to argue with God, and also knowing that he always has the best for us. Well it is still funny i thought that the best for me would be an ex-bum, an ex-homeless, but would not dare to fight anymore. Maybe he is my Prince???? Wow! I just could not belive.

I thought, well, if we look at it that way we all are frogs from birth until He kisses us. I realized i was just a frog myself before God kissed me.I know i was never on drugs or i never was an alcoholic, but the only reason that I was not, was because i was a Mother and i had to be responsible for my children. I could never do that because most of the time i was a single mom and i had to be aware of my children's well being. So now my heart was getting soft toward this man and the next thing was to know more about him. I remember after a wile, i sent Richard the MSN messenger so i could communicate with him. I was only talking to him 2-3 days, when i had to go out of town with my son visiting a friend, so i told Richard i will not be on the computer because i'm going to my girlfriend and will be staying there for the weekend. At the same second i told him this, i saw a vision of him sitting in his apartment all alone. No one to talk to. It was so heavy in my spirit that quickly i said to him ,"but if you like i can call you?". He said "okay" and gave me his phone number. Wow! what a weekend!. Richard was with me all the way in the car. In my friends house i could feel his presents. I just could not shake this man out of my mind. He was in my mind all the time. Call Richard.....Call Richard ......Are you calling Richard???? WOW! what a weekend it was, I was calling and calling Richard all weekend with no answer because he was on the computer all the time so his phone line was busy. I don't think i called anyone so many times, also because of my personality if i promise something to some one i try to keep it to the best of my ability, i promised to call so i had to call, only to find a busy signals and that was just driving me crazy. I just wanted to get it over with so i don't have to think abouth him anymore. Just get it over with, but all weekend the phone line was busy and i could never talk to him until i got home I called from home and Finally the phone rang and a mans voice said "hello?" and here i go with my Hungarian personality saying no hello or anything like that just blast the poor guy. "Wow i have been calling you all weekend, did you sleep beside the computer that your line was never free?. What where you doing on the computer all weekend?" I hear on the other side a man laughing and asking me "who is this......?" "What do you mean who is this!? I told you i ,would call you and you didn't get off the computer for 3 days!!" Now he realized who i was and started to laugh even more, this was the first time he heard my voice and my accent, and of course was wondering who is this crazy woman who he does not even know and she is talking to him like this?. He said "you know people always say i will call you but they never do." Yah but that is not me" i replied "if i say i will call you, i will call you!. Thanks a lot ruining my whole weekend...............". Well i had to blame it on somebody.

After this we where on the computer all the time talking and talking about everything. We realized that we are so compatible that we can talk to each other all day and never get tired, so we said hello and good morning to each other every morning and was talking on the computer until 1:30 pm when Richard had to start to get ready to go to work. So we agreed that when he gets back at 11:30, we will meet again. We met every single day and then when we finally finished talking, we called each other on the phone and was talking on the phone till 40 am. We both crawled into bed and just talked about sweet nothings. Other days we would say good bye to each other and say "see you in bed" because one of us was tired, and we would say "honey call me and tell me sweet nothings". Richard would talk and sing to me and i feel so blessed and so comfortable like a little girl, just crawling into bed and being so nice and warm and comfortable and this man is singing to me like El vis Parsley. Are you lonesome to night.......? I grew closer and closer to him and he to me.

He told me "are you sure you are not my sister,?" because we have the same belief and the same ideas about life. I had what he lacked and he had what i lacked. Richard was alone. A bachelor for 20 years, had no children of his own and now he realized how much he would want to be a father but that thought never even crossed his mind.. I was missing him so much i was just in pain. It was hurting me that i was not able to just hug him. I told him i want to put my head on his chest and just hear his heart beating. He told me the same. He said "Honey nobody in my life has been so close to me as you, and i don't even know you, feels i had known you all my life". The feeling was mutual and we fall in love with each others soul before we even meet each other. Richard told me only after talking on MSN for 3 weeks , that he loves me with all his heart and soul and will I marry him?. It was my birthday and he was so sweet all day, and then he had to go to work so like usual, we met at 11:30 PM on the net. As soon as Richard got on the line he did not say Hi , nor good evening. He just told me "Honey would you marrie me!?" I thought he lost his brain he never saw me, and doesn't know who i am. This is not normal!!. I paused for a second and then i said "YES" but i have to smell you first." We had a good laugh abouth that and then we talked about our future together and how we will do this since he is in Florida and I"am in Canada so we are not nextdoor neighbors. We did not know how and what would happen, but left everything up to the LORD, well he said he is my Prince he will make sure that we will meet each other. The next thee months we where talking everyday for hours. Sometimes for 12- 14 hours a day just on the computer, the rest on the phone.We decided Richard would come to Canada but he had taken his vacation time already so it was very hard for him to come. It was much easier for me to go to him, but the only problem i had was, where i will leave my youngest son who was 10 at the time, and never been without me. God said He will provides if it is meant to be. Well He did! I had two families taking care of him. I had to meet Richard i could not take this anymore. I had to go to smell him and to know if he is for me or not, i could not keep up with this. My house was a mess. I had no time for anything because i was occupied with Richard. My son started to call me computer mother because i was on the computer all the time with Richard.I had to stop this and the only way I could stop this was by deciding where i would go from here.

I arrived to Florida on Saturday and Richard was waiting for me at the airport, we both where so nervous that Richard parked his car and he could not find it.

When i arrived i was just so tired i could not stay up any more, i have not slept for days from all the excitement and also was very busy to arrange a place for my son. I was busy, getting ready to meet my blind date God had picked for me, so i had to look pretty at least. Richard had to go to work in the afternoon so i had enough time to get some rest. When i woke i was just in shock and just did not understand how did i get here! I new i took the plane, i knew i was flying here, but it seamed like i was in a trance. The phone rang just as i was sitting and thinking about all this, when Richard said in the phone, " Hi sweetheart how you doing?" i just simply asked him " Could you please tell me how did i get here? He burst out laughing and said "you flew here!". "No i mean, how did i get here?" and we both burst out laughing. When God takes you for a trip!, he takes you for a trip!. you are in a trance or a comma or what?

We found out very soon that we could talk about anything. We could share anything. We where so close to each other that it felt like we had known each other all our lives. It was a relief to find each other, because we both know that we are okay now. We both felt complete. We agreed about Richard sleeping in the living room, No hanky panky because we wanted to do everything just right. We had the faith to meet each other, we had the faith that God was in the midst of everything. We agreed on everything. Like we have the same brain. We just knew that our life is not our own and our life is in God's hands, and we need to trust him and lean on him. We knew we were for each other, and 6 days later i arrived in Florida, We where married. On the 7 day, i flew home to my son and to my shocked friends, as Mrs Harrington. Not knowing when i would see my husband again.

I called Richard as soon as my plane landed, just to let him know i'm okay. He was a little sad that i was not there no more, but very happy that he heard from me. We talked the same night and he told me " honey i don't know how long i can do this talking to my wife on the Internet". We had no idea where we will go from here, but had the faith that our LORD will take us where we should be. I was only back 2 days when Richard said Honey i'm coming to Canada i don't know how but the Lord knows but i think i have to sell everything and the things i can't sell, i will through out in the garbage.The following two weeks Richard was, one buzzy little bee. Throwing his belongings out was not an easy task to do. Sometimes being very tear full and scared, but he believed that it is what our Father wants from him.

My son and Richard talked on the phone and on the Internet, they had started to develop a relationship like Father and son. It was so wonderful to see the love between each other. My son was getting more and more happy, Richard was being more and more full field. My son was telling him "papa when are you coming home??" Richard arrived 3 weeks later to the date after i came back from the sunny Florida, to the top of the ice and snow. Me and my son went to pick him up from the airport. Now we are one happy Family. My son call him daddy and they are very close. I love my husband with all my heart and all my soul. I belive he loves me, and feels the same way i do. We praise and thank God, how he knew what we needed. Now we are 4 months married and we are having a best time of our life. God is smiling on us and the blessing we get, "wow". Now we know for sure, obedience is the key to HIS heart.We are blessed and blessed over and over again. Thank you Jesus Christ for your wonderful present, that in all i can just praise him because, when we did not know what the next step would be, He did, and made the three of us complete