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Dell Printer only prints one page

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Dell Printer only prints one page
If you own a Dell printer and you have come across the issue of your Dell printer only printing one page, there isn’t much to panic about. You can simply follow the steps given below to solve this issue. Ensure that you complete the process as said, it isn’t necessary that you try all the methods. You can opt for the one which is most suitable for your device.
• Try uninstalling the printer driver and install it again follow the accurate methods
• Check whether there is any update available for your printer driver
• Ensure that there is no error on the printer spooler. If it does solve the issue as that might be causing this malfunction.
If these above-given methods do not bring relief to your problem, it would be best suggested that you get in touch with the Dell Printer Customer Care. The professionals there would provide you with the most appropriate solutions.


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