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jeanne: Hi

Why the Jews though?

As a believer, I have a theory. It might not appeal to an atheist but I find it plausible.

God, started His rescue plan for the human race by looking for a human being who could do as they were told, (by God), when instructed. It took God, God knows how many years, until Abraham actually fitted God's purpose by actually 'doing as he was told'. Gen.12:1-4.

God then went one step further and made a sworn promise that He would bless humanity through Abraham and his descendants. Abraham believed God's promise, so God counted Abraham as if he were actually 'righteous', when we all, including God, knew all along he actually was'nt. Rom.4:1-25.

That was at least a start, as far as God was concerned, at putting matters right regarding human ignorance and its effects upon the wellbeing of the creatures under His care and which God infinitely cared about. God being God and infinite and all that.

It rapidly became clear, (or already was omnisciently clear to God all along), that within 430 years or so it would become necessary for God to spell out rather more obviously what we had previously been getting wrong about Him and how we should behave toward one another and God. (We are always very slow to learn).

So God set out the Big 10 Rules of the game and others added some more under inspiration from Him to set some boundaries on what should be acceptable human conduct. This was an educational experiment intended by God to provide one particular 'chosen' nation with the opportunity to be an example of a perfect society, which would then be so obviously superior in all respects, that every other nation would fall over themselves to copy it and obtain for themselves the strikingly obvious benefits that such a regulated society would eventually demonstrate.

Human nature, being what it is, repeatedly screwed up God's plans and frustrated his intended objective.It takes two to tango and though God always keeps His promises, we human beings are not so good at keeping either our promises to God or to each other. In fact we stink at it. So did the Israelites. Give a human being privelidge with obligation and they will nearly always want more privelidge and avoid as much obligation as possible.

The nations then consistently witnessed Israel, (the privellidged, God Chosen Nation), abusing its privelidged blessings while ignoring its obligations, like a selfish and spoilt child. Such is the normal human condition.

Far from being understanding about this, as any responsible adult might at the fractious, undisciplined behaviour of a spoilt infant, the 'less blessed' nations became infantilely 'jealous' of Israel's blessings and contemptuous of its arrogant sense of entitlement, backed up by its perceived Deity Superiority complex.

Isreal was then taken into captivity and eventually 'dispersed among the nations', leaving only the tribes of Judah and Levi arround Jerusalem, in the 'Promised Land'. Only a short time later they too were taken off to Babylon, after spectacularly renaging on their obligations to God, Jerusalem was then destroyed and only a few of the tribes of Judah (Jews) and Levi (Priests), returned later on. About 400 years after that, Jesus turned up to sort the mess out, 'as God' or 'for God' and 'for us', 'once and for all'. Heb.10:1-10.

Ever since though, the underprivelidged have always envied the privelidged, particularly when the privelidged are undeserving of their privelidges and are ignoring their obligations.

The same principles apply to believing 'Christians' and many of the nonbelieving. There is an undercurrent of resentment against those who claim God as their Father and Jesus as their Savior yet are unwilling to cut others any slack or forgive trespassers who tread on their dreams of salvation privelidge.

We 'believers' are immensely privelidged by God. He counts us as 'righteous' when we know full well, (as do others) we are naturally undeserving of it. We therefore have the obligation to live up to God's expectations of us and forgive those who are ignorant of His love for them.
In Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting the message of reconciliation to us. 2 Cor. 5:19. Love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Pet.4:8b.

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