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Re: [jeanne53] Sin Imputed (We Are Born Sinners)
Jeanne, I have to discount this post just as I did the one you wrote that I deleted. This one should also be deleted, but I am choosing to respond to it.

You choose to disagree with Biblical posts without ever reading the Bible. You did it in the post I deleted, and you are doing it here. No one here really cares about your atheistic beliefs except for the fact on how they affect your life now and how they will in the future. Especially when you are writing in a theological forum. As for now, I know you don't care that there are people here that care about your eternal destination. Instead of arguing with us, you might want to take some time to find out why we care. Your future is daily written by your thoughts and actions, just as ours are. The only difference is the outcome. Ours, as Christians is secure... even if we make mistakes in the future... we know where we are going and what is involved in our eternal future.

So in the meantime, I will ask you not to respond to posts written on Scripture until you have read where they come from. You have had more than your share of love and allowances here. Feel free to post in the Atheist Debates forums.
Blessings ~ Sarah

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