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Re: [rdrcofe] Is purpose/meaning in your life necessary?
Hi Chris.

None of us should assume that Joe's life is boring and in fact you continue to make that point. "Walk a mile, etc."

My life may be assumed to be boring, yet as you wrote, the interactions (and sometimes probable inactions, too) I have with family and friends does indeed determine my satisfaction in my sense of purpose.

To seek to live in harmony with one's fellow humans is the path to happiness and satisfaction. God need not be any part of that path, but nearly any deity can be. Unfortunately, God and other deities can also be part of, not only self destruction, but the destruction of ones community, family and country.

Better to make that which is greater than the individual be humanity itself and seek to advance good over evil. And...that starts with the individual growing to ones responsibility to a family, a mate, children, a home, a community, etc.

You are correct that believers believe in an eternal life, which means that nonbelievers have only one life to get it right, so they have to work harder to do good and to overcome evil in all the spheres in which they, the individual, interact during only one life time. We seek no reward after our one life is over, nor do we act in fear of punishment after death. We do good for the sake of doing good.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."

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