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Re: [jeanne53] Another fine Christmas, Birthday and New Year mess I have gotten into...
Jeanne: Hi

Sorry to read that you are down with flu. The irony is the stupid conflicting advice to 'drink plenty of liquids', AND 'get plenty of bed rest'. How in the name of Mike is it possible to combine BOTH of those pieces of advice simultaneously? The more liquids I drink the less bed rest I am able to get.

The most uncomfortable experience I can recall was after my first hip resurfacing operation. I awoke from anesthetic with a good deal of pain and quite thirsty. After a couple of hours of 'drinking plenty of liquids', I discovered I could not relieve myself while laying down in bed. Try as I might I just couldn't let go. Against orders I had to stand upright to use the cardboard bed bottle and got caught in the act by the ward sister. Oh my, what a relief though.

Hope you make a steady recovery. Try to get plenty of rest but also some light exercise to help clear the lungs. Hot toddy before bed time is good as well. (1 lemon juiced, two teaspoons of honey, 2 Gills boiled lemonade, 1/2 Gill of Rum or Brandy). It might not cure your flu but it makes it almost worthwhile being ill.

Regards Chris.
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