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Re: [rdrcofe] LasVegas Masequer
Hello All.

Of course were all citizens of the earth to conform to some sort of belief in a loving creator, whose desire is for all creation to live in harmony, the world would have a more peaceful future...even if the belief was a "one with nature" form and we were each a "flower child" in the meekest sense.

So, Jim, I guess I could agree with you in a manner of speaking.

As far as I know, none of the firearms were legally owned and perhaps not even the ammo that went with them. For a single person to have obtained eleven long rifles of such calibre and military action, that is, fully automatic, would have taken a long time and required a special collectors license, which has not been the case for this man...or so it has been stated in. the press, so far.

Someone provided him with these weapons and it was done illegally.

There is no law that will keep criminals from getting what they want, but especially none that will prevent such massacres as the world has been witness to with deluded fanatics. I don't think there has been any release yet of reasoning, but it is very doubtful that he "merely" suffered a mental break such that he felt the overwhelming need to shoot strangers at a concert.

The US already has "sensible" firearm legislation and piled upon that are thousands of "insensible" firearm legislations. Criminal activity, including death by shooting, has nearly halved in the last decade, while legal firearm ownership has nearly doubled, so there is no need to blame those who own firearms legally and have them for protection, recreation, hunting or collecting. And, since they do not have the blame, they should not be punished with further legislation, with which they must comply. It is all there in often ridiculous form.

Massacres such as this are horrific, but should not be the basis for serious crime fighting discussion...and it is crime that is illegal, not legal firearm ownership or even the availability of legal firearms. Yes, people are fearful, but those people seek to lessen that fear by being prepared. In the past few months, we have seen the best and the worst of humanity in our country. Just as it was not important to know what political or religious belief people held during disasters and it didn't matter whether they were LGBT or Red Necks who had confederate flags at home, it was also not important to know if they owned firearms or thought that all guns should be confiscated by the federal government.

Still...the best way to stop a person from shooting to kill others is to shoot to kill that person. If only a worker or guest in that hotel had time enough to break down the door to that room and kill this madman using his or her own legally purchased firearm for which they had a carry permit. Or...even were carrying illegally, would anyone have cared?

There is no way to protect against the totally unexpected and illegal action of a person determined to carry out a plan that the rest of us find to be insane. And...this leads us to ISIS and other Muslim fanatics, as well as fanatics of other beliefs who seek to wipe out "non-believers" in their countries.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."

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