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Re: [jeanne53] What are you reading now?
Jeanne: Hi.

Richard Dawkins is me before I had a chance to mellow. He is my son-in-law who is still dealing with the mess his life was under the cult of Jehovah's Witness. It will be a long recovery that may not fully be completed ever, although he is far better than he was before he met my daughter.

You would not believe how ‘enthusiastic’ I was when I first became ‘Saved’. I was pretty well unliveable with. Ah the certainty of youth! It takes a long time for The Holy Spirit to make some people ‘malleable’. The Spirit won’t go too far too quick, in case we ‘break’ and all the new wine gets spilled. As we mature, the wine matures within us and becomes mellow and less sharp. We should become far more palatable to others as time goes by.

Mature Christians can well appreciate the damage that some mind controlling sects can do to otherwise free thinking individuals. This is not however a form of indoctrination uniquely peculiar to ‘religion’. It is ‘sin’ to rob another human being of their capacity to reason, question and hold opinions. I think we could both name plenty of ways this has been tried, even in totally secular environments. The practice is ‘sin’ regardless of whether it is used by political idealists, religious fanatics or ‘deep south slave owners’.

The scientist and atheist who is Richard Dawkins does intend to destroy people's deity beliefs; that is his hope. Not a book for theists to read lightly if they read it at all. No blame there for not reading it.

Indeed! And he goes about it with the zeal and enthusiasm of the Spanish Conquistadors, (though without the religious convictions of course). He is a crusading evangelical fundamentally sectarian apostolic atheist on a world changing mission. A kind of anti-St Paul with similar missionary zeal and energy. Scripture would seem to indicate that St Paul was not an especially easy person to live or work with. People who believe they have a ‘mission’ to fulfill rarely are. That is not however to say that either of them had nothing interesting or profound to say. There are some ‘Christians’ and many ‘Muslims’ that would do well to read some of what Dawkins has written. So long as they don’t come away from it thinking that the God that Dawkins has rhetorically demolished is ‘the real thing, now at last exposed as a fraud’. The God that Dawkins ‘destroys’ is the caricature that he and many other ignorant ‘religious’ and ‘non-religious’ people imagine to be ‘the real thing’. For that at least he can be congratulated. I can only hope that once they are free of their misconceptions, they actually manage to discover that even Dawkins cannot destroy an actual God that created, redeemed and sustains them. God cannot be destroyed. God cannot even be ‘hurt’ except by ‘hurting’ that which God ‘loves’.

Europe is different in that it has left much of its deity belief and religion behind as Socialism gained traction.

I’m not sure that would necessarily be the reason for a more tolerant attitude toward atheism. Europe is astonishingly diverse. Different countries, different rules, different peoples. The British sense of ‘live and let live’ allied to, (until very recently), a state supported poverty safety net and relatively increasing expectations of affluence may have influenced things a bit. The drop in adherents to formal religious groups is more likely due to the influence of capitalist consumerism and selfishness and a spirit of self reliance and antipathy towards being ‘organized’ or ‘controlled’ by state or authority figures.

He has not had the benefit of being a member of Praize as I have.

Yes, he has been sadly deprived in that respect, I’m sure we all agree.

All our deeply head [held]? beliefs are so much more complicated that [than]? any of us would like to admit, I think. I am always better in my own mind for having been given the opportunity to articulate them here. I acknowledge that I am a complicated person who may seem not to be to my real-life friends and family. I appreciate that I can reveal my complications to you all. I just wanted you to know that.

Thank you for sharing that Jeanne. We are indeed very complex creatures blindly finding our way through life with an inexplicable impression of purpose or not as the case may be. Like so many sperm in a fallopian tube of time. Then . . . . . . . . . who can tell? I really hope that we will meet up beyond the end of our journey.

Always look on the bright side of life!

Oh! And two of my favourite authors were Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Both atheists I think.

Regards Chris.
In Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting the message of reconciliation to us. 2 Cor. 5:19. Love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Pet.4:8b.

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