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Re: [praizeop2] What are you reading now?
"I have found some Christian writers to present "sheer foolishness" as thought-out articles and books. I have often commented that this is the way I thought when I was fourteen and wondered why they never advanced in their thinking.

"Jeanne, that remark doesn't sound like you. Could you rewrite it, maybe being more specific or with more information of what you are talking about? Thanks.

"Or is that okay because the author is an atheist writing about deity beliefs? May I not say the same thing about theists writing about deity beliefs?

"Or if it is not okay for an atheist to write about the beliefs of theists, how can it be okay for a theist to write about the beliefs of atheists?"

Since this is a Christian site, I felt justified in asking for expansion on comments on Christian literature but not on atheistic. Sorry I offended. Please accept my apology.
Blessings ~ Sarah

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