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Re: [kennyj] What does it mean to be Saved?
[When a person get's "saved" what does that mean? ]

Kenny, I think this thread has become much more complicated than the answer to your original question.
What "getting saved" means is that I have recognized that Christ died to pay the penalty for my sins and that I am asking Him to live His life out through me. At that point His Spirit actually entered me and now I can hear His voice and do His will. This is a spiritual miracle, one that cannot be duplicated by man.

Because I am now a part of Him and He is a part of me, my sins have already been atoned for with His death on the cross. I will not be punished by God for my bad behavior, because Jesus took my punishment.

Again, I suggest that you read "Got Jesus" at the top of any Praize page. It does not "require" you to do anything. :)
Blessings ~ Sarah

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