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Re: [kennyj] What does it mean to be Saved?
kennyj :

So if I understand you correctly, anyone who believes God loves them and behaves accordingly is not only saved but also included as those who accepted the gift? Does this also include those who don’t believe Jesus is the Christ?

Anyone, 'Christian' or not who behaves according to the inner conviction that God loves him or her and decides by virtue of that ‘belief’ to extend the same principle to all others no matter what race, class or creed, clearly has received 'The Grace of God' and not in vain. - [stop and think about that]

God is love and those who love know God. They are in-deed doing the will of God just as Christ did. Those who don't love do not know God.

You still have not got it have you kenny! You say : “also included as those who accepted the gift” ?

You cannot ‘accept’ the gift ! The gift is already yours. You can only reject it. The work of God has been done by God. Salvation has been bestowed upon ALL mankind including those who do not even know or cannot even be sure, there is such a thing as ‘salvation’ or such a person as God.

Salvation for mankind is a fact of history which we all are powerless to change.

Belief that Jesus is The Christ is incidental to the more important criteria that you love “Truth”, demonstrate “Mercy” and respect “Life”.

Jesus said “I AM the way, the truth and the life”. His teachings make no demands of obeisance from those He has 'saved'. He does not demand recognition of His High Office or Stately Position. Whether you think Jesus is the Christ or not is irrelevant to Him, come The Judgment.

There will be no doubt in anyone’s mind at that time. Mere intellectual assent to the truth of it now will not save you a tiny bit more than you already are, saved by God’s Grace and Christ’s Sacrifice alone. The uppermost concern upon His mind at the Judgment will be the quality and quantity of our fruit. Whether it is ‘good fruit’, ‘bad fruit’, or ‘no fruit’.

Matt. 3:8-10, 7:18-21, John 15:2-16 , Rom. 7:4-5, Gal 5:22-26

Good fruit means God’s Grace was found in you to be not in vain.

Bad fruit or no fruit means God’s Grace was in vain.

Everybody gets ‘Salvation’ but only those who bear fruit ‘according to the life of Christ within them’, will reap “rewards”, though this side of the grave we do not yet know what they might be.

God is Love. If you have love, you know God. I really cannot make it any clearer to you Kenny. Every moment of your life is an opportunity to start living for God through your love of others.

What is it to be? The choice is, once again, yours.

Have you meditated on the General Thanksgiving prayer as I suggested ?

Regards Chris.
In Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting the message of reconciliation to us. 2 Cor. 5:19. Love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Pet.4:8b.

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