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Re: are tattoos a sin?
It depends on the person’s heart. In Romans chapter 14 God’s desires are to set Christians apart from the world. Romans 14:16 god says, “do not allow what you consider good to be spoken as evil.” meaning even if what your doing is harmful or innocent, if it attracts negative attention, then that is wrong in itself. Romans 14:20-21″ all food is clean, but it is wrong for a man to eat anything that causes someone else to stumble. It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother to stumble.” All things are good because God created them, but it becomes a problem when we use the things that God gave us in ways that are not glorifying to Him or are against him. Essentially many things were a sin in earlier text of the bible because of where the people’s heart was. God told them to not eat red meat, get tattoos, shave their hair, or eat vegetables that have not gone through a five year preparation period because they were using or doing these things in sinful nature. Many people like to quote Leviticus to say that tattooing is a sin, but within that text the people were tattooing to mourn the dead. they would cut their flesh to shed their blood for the dead and ways of honoring the dead and God said that was wrong. So God forbid it so Christians would stop doing it because they were indulging in the same sins as non-Christians and there was no way to tell the difference between the two groups, if they were practicing the same rituals. But eating red meat and shaving and eat vegetables are something that everyone does so if we go by that, then we’re all in sin, but that’s not the case. God judges the person’s heart and if you getting a tattoo because you’re doing it in a way that glorifies God then by all means, but if not you should check yourself and ask God what he thinks about your decisions. In Romans 14:23 it says, “everything that does not come from faith is sin.” When you are reading the Bible just because you want to prove a point, but not because you really love the Lord and want to make sure all your ways are pleasing to Him, then your in sin. The bible says that it is fine to drink wine and some people take that and run with and try to prove to others that drinking great amounts of alcohol is ok because God said so, but if you read in context, it also says that getting drunk is a sin. So you have to be careful of all things you do because you might think there’s nothing wrong with it, but your heart might be saying something else. But to really understand what God is saying, you should read his word for yourself, to build a personal relationship with Him. Now I’m not saying I side for tattoos and I’m not saying I side against them either, because once again its all with where is your heart. Are you doing it for Him or are you doing it because everyone else is too? That isn’t for anyone else to decide but God, and how can you know unless you ask Him for yourself. I hope this has helped you and your understanding of this topic, but there is a good lesson to learn from this, many people have different opinions and information so it would be of much value if you read the Bible for yourself, you’ll be able to know that if what someone is saying to you right or wrong, and if it is right what context does it come from. Christianity is more than the rituals, being a good person and living the right life, it has 100% to do with your relationship with God and the love that you have with Him and more so the love He has for you. Being a Christian you have to know that God chose you and not the other way around, so understand how much you mean to Him. So relating this back to if tattooing is a sin or not, when Jesus Christ lives in you, He walks with you and guides you onto the right path, He will tell you if getting a tattoo is right for you or not, if you have trouble hear His voice, or don’t even know who He is, don’t worry, its not a coincidence that you wondered onto this site, God knows you and where you are and He will lead you to Him, but you have to want Him. There is someone that is praying for you, I know this for a fact, it’s not a coincidence that God allowed me to wonder on this site either. Keep building a strong relationship with Christ with a strong foundation and He will be SO good to you like He is to me. I thank you for reading this and hoped it helped you or convicted you, either way God is pleased.
Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.

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