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Posted in Jobs & Career on Wed, Aug 27 2008 - 07:19 PM

A funny thing happened tonight, I got confused (no big surprise for most who know me) and thought my husband had class tonight.   So, I planned to take the kids out for Mexican.  My husband isn't crazy about our local MExican restaurant but we love it.  I very lovingly (giggle) left him a note that said: Gone to LaFiesta for dinner.  There are...

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Posted in Jobs & Career on Mon, Aug 25 2008 - 07:41 PM

Have you ever typed a whole blog entry and then accidentally lost it all?!  Just happened to me!  I"ve been typing for 30 minutes and in a flash I lost it all!  Now either that is Satan saying, "I don't want that message out there" or its God saying, "you can do better than that!"  :- ) I prayed as I drove into work today. ...

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Cover Me in Prayer

Posted in Jobs & Career on Sun, Aug 24 2008 - 04:30 PM

For a long time, I've felt that God wants me to start or be involved with a ministry for girls with special focus on those age 11 -13.  It has gently tugged at my heart for a couple of years.  It intensified when my own daughter experienced some of Satan's attacks--and still does today. Lately, especially the last few months, I have had this...

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My Hiding Place

Posted in Jobs & Career on Wed, Aug 20 2008 - 07:40 PM

I was worrying about some things on my way to work this morning.  Big surprise!  I was feeling very burdened, near tears.  Terrible thoughts were racing through my mind.  My chest was tight and my stomach felt sick.  I was praying as a drove, wiping away the occasional tear.Suddenly, I got this "visual".  I pictured in my mind, vividly...

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The Faith Certificate

Posted in Jobs & Career on Tue, Aug 05 2008 - 06:35 PM

I used to believe that you get to this point in your Christian faith where you "get it".  You hit the mark.  You please God.  You reach your Christian potential and then you go on with your life at that level of peace and joy, connected to God while living your life.  That is it.  You become "faith certified" and you are...

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God Speaks at the Beach !

Posted in Jobs & Career on Sat, Aug 02 2008 - 07:11 PM

I was at the beach last week--my favorite place in the world! I REALLY, REALLY needed a vacation too!  I have to admit that I have been burdened, mentally, physcially and spiritually over the last few weeks. I needed to get "away" from it all and find some quiet time with God. (I also read a GREAT book while I was there-- The Shack by...

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About: I am a married, working mother with 2 children a daughter age 17 and a son age 14. I have a passion for writing and feel led to work with pre-teen girls. I blog mostly about my spiritual journey as I seek God's perfect will for my life.

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