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Prayer Pains

Posted in Jobs & Career on Sat, Jan 27 2007 - 07:18 AM

My whole life I've been taught the importance of prayer and that prayer changes things.  You should pray always believing that God will answer.  You should always have faith that your prayer will be answered.  The bible says so.When my Dad was diagnosed with brain cancer, we all went into prayer mode.  We prayed for a miracle and believed it would ...

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Freezing Cold, But I've Gotta Leave The Fan On!

Posted in Jobs & Career on Tue, Jan 16 2007 - 05:50 PM

As I was growing up, my family did not have a lot of money.  We always had a lot of fun and I never felt that I lacked for anything.  My parents were great at making sure we appreciated and enjoyed what we did have. We lived in a big, old house built before the Civil War.  (My Mom still lives there.)  We didn't have central heat or air.  Summers...

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Real Men Wear Pink

Posted in Jobs & Career on Tue, Jan 09 2007 - 06:06 PM

My Uncle Terry went to heaven on Sunday afternoon.  He was surrounded by his family with hymns playing in the background.  It was peaceful but so very painful for those he was leaving behind. I have always heard that only "real men" wear pink.  My uncle wore pink!  And he was one of the best men that I have ever known.  My Aunt says he...

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A Double Rainbow

Posted in Jobs & Career on Fri, Jan 05 2007 - 05:49 PM

My Dad died as a result of brain cancer about 12 years ago.  It was one of the most difficult times of my life that occurred at one of the happiest times in my life.  I was pregnant with my 2nd child when he first got sick and my son was only a few weeks old when my Dad won his battle and went to be with Jesus. Just recently, my Dad's brother was...

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God Only Helps Those Who Help Themselves??

Posted in Jobs & Career on Thu, Jan 04 2007 - 06:02 PM

I read a great scripture last night...Exodus 14:14The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. I said it over and over in my head after I turned the lights out.  I asked myself repeatedly..what does that mean to me?What I got was the repeat of a message I've received before..... stay out of God's way! Then, I started really thinking...

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About: I am a married, working mother with 2 children a daughter age 17 and a son age 14. I have a passion for writing and feel led to work with pre-teen girls. I blog mostly about my spiritual journey as I seek God's perfect will for my life.

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