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The Aroma That Captures

Posted in Personal on Thu, Dec 15 2011 - 10:02 AM

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A certain fragrance that carries our minds And captures our attention Fills us with warmth and joy Do you remember a time When that scent flooded your memory What did you recall?   A mother's perfume or the essence of a moment Your first rose or a scented note A place you visited all the sights and smells   I wonder what...

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Out Of Bethlehem

Posted in Music on Tue, Dec 06 2011 - 06:29 AM

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  Out Of BethlehemGod in the fleshFather Son Holy SpiritIncarnate blessedEmmanuel, God with us,... Born to be rememberedIn God we trustA miraculous conceptionBirthed from aboveSigned and Sealed By the Father's love.This day we rememberWhat the prophets foretoldOut of BethlehemA Savior is born.Lisa Beth Jenkins Copyright 2011 All Rights...

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At The Alter Of Love

Posted in Music on Fri, Dec 02 2011 - 07:02 AM

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Lay down thy heavy burdens And look to Me There's no great love than your pardon, purchased on Calvary's tree.   There's nothing in this life That should hold you Nor capture your affections but Me.   Why call me Lord If you cannot walk in tune Or accordance with Me.   Have you left your first love Is paradise not...

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