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Who Is Rocking Your Boat?

Posted in Arts & Humanities on Fri, Apr 30 2010 - 07:52 AM

When the enemy comes in like a flood the spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it, Oh halleujah! the spirit of the Lord is upon us and we don't have to drop to our knees in despair, but lift our eyes unto the hills from whence cometh our help for our help cometh from the Lord! We don't have to live by man's report but by the report of the ...

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Not By Might Nor By Power

Posted in Arts & Humanities on Sun, Apr 25 2010 - 04:10 AM

Oh there is a halleujah chorus running through my heart and mind right now! What glorious news and I am so thrilled that Praize is still here today! Prayer what Prayer can do to move the hand of our Almighty God!!! I think it was a test for our faith and a test to see just how badly we wanted our voices to be heard to the one's that have not heard ...

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Standing In The Gap

Posted in Arts & Humanities on Sat, Apr 24 2010 - 07:27 AM

I came to my site this one last time with thankfulness in my heart today because I know that I know that God is well able!  Oh God I thank You for all the wonderful people I've come to know here at Praize. I thank You for the light that shined from these blogs daily and the ministering of the God ordained messages from each and every one.  My...

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I Want To Stand In Your Light

Posted in Arts & Humanities on Sun, Apr 11 2010 - 09:28 PM

Don't want to stand in the shadows, I want to stand in Your light, I don't want to miss Your calling upon my life, I don't want to disobey, but be in Your will, I want all You have for me, and bring glory to You still. Don't want to make You ashamed, that You called me Your child, Don't want to bring heartache, or pain, just want to make You smile,...

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Tree Of Life

Posted in Arts & Humanities on Sat, Apr 03 2010 - 04:33 AM

There's an angel of the Lord standing by the tree of Life, And the saints of God are robed in gowns of white, To all who hunger and thirst for righteousness, The shelter of that tree gives glorious light. In the midst from His throne is a sparkling river, Just as clear and shining as a crystal sea, streets of gold that shimmer, so transparent, And ...

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