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Fear of Death?

Posted in Apologetics on Thu, Oct 20 2005 - 01:26 PM

I have yet to meet an atheist who fears death. I do not fear death. I do, however, fear pain and indignity, but that may be the process of dying. I will still be alive when I am dying, and that I fear if it is painful. But death, the end of life...that I do not fear. Death is part of life. I experience death on a daily basis, as I raise...

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An Atheist Funeral Service

Posted in Apologetics on Tue, Oct 18 2005 - 02:57 PM

My birthday is on December 30th, and I would have willingly shared it with my father’s funeral service, but he was buried instead on December 31st, 2003....just two days away from his 90th birthday. The ceremony was unplanned, but my sister and I knew we wanted no religious trappings, no pastor, no reading of scripture, no praying. Dad was a...

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Letting Go...

Posted in Apologetics on Mon, Oct 17 2005 - 02:28 PM

When my Daddy was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease quite a few years ago, he had all ready passed through a time when an early mini-stroke had made him into an irritable old his brothers and father before him, and had, thanks to another mini-stroke, become the lovable, huggable, very funny, and kind fellow he was to the end. I know...

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Posted in Apologetics on Sun, Oct 09 2005 - 10:52 AM

We watched a movie last night called "Crash" ....very good, very moving, very important movie for thoughtful people. How complicated human relationships are, and powerfully influenced are these relationships by that which hides within each of us. Sometimes it hides deeply so that we aren't even aware that it is there colouring our image of other...

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More Of An Atheist's Path...

Posted in Apologetics on Fri, Oct 07 2005 - 05:40 PM

I have been requested to give an accounting of my christian long I was a christian...what kind of church and christian upbringing I had....what bibles I read...whether I prayed and what I thought about prayer ...if I knew other christians or am related to christians. ...

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The Pledge And God

Posted in Apologetics on Thu, Oct 06 2005 - 11:25 AM

I love my country! I get teary when I sing my national anthem, or hear it performed with pride. I proudly pledge my allegience to my country, and fondly touch my flag as its symbol, and salute it with a patriot's heart as it passes. HOWEVER....I want to make my pledge only a patriotic activity! I do not want to include a belief in any deity...

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About: My husband and I have reared three children without religion, because we are atheists. I sing when I am happy, which is most of the time. My worst vice is collecting books and movies.

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