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In Between...A Conservative Atheist

Posted in Apologetics on Tue, Jul 05 2005 - 10:43 AM

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Here am I, a conservative atheist. I support President Bush’s war against terrorism in the world, although of late, I am concerned about some past revelations concerning our involvement. I support the Second Amendment, our right to keep and bear arms, as strongly as any NRA member, of which I am one. I am anti-abortion when used for birth...

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A Bit Of An Atheist Rant

Posted in Apologetics on Sun, Jul 03 2005 - 12:16 AM

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I have no evidence that there are such entities as deities, demons, souls, or afterlife. I am an atheist because I have no evidence to persuade me that theistic beliefs are based on substantiated evidence. I am an atheist because I find the concept of deities and their worship to be unbelievable, as well as, illogical. I have no-deity belief,...

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About: My husband and I have reared three children without religion, because we are atheists. I sing when I am happy, which is most of the time. My worst vice is collecting books and movies.

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