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Pulling Down Strongholds Series (1)

Posted in Bible on Tue, Mar 27 2018 - 10:10 AM

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 My fellow worker and countryman once said to me regarding my faith in Jesus, the Christ, that it was just my opinion. I was able to withstand that at the time. I can still detect that strategy of Satan and his devils. He wants to make our beliefs of no effect by branding them as our opinions which may be true and may not. Look at the ...

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I need you so I need your words.

Posted in Personal on Sun, Mar 25 2018 - 10:37 AM

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   Each day, and sometimes each moment for a period of the day, I need to hear the words of the living God. How can I say, I need thee every hour, but I shut my spirit to the words that are life to me.   When I was blind, bound to Islam and the ways of wickedness, you drew me with your words of love and salvation. Without...

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Holy Scriptures From Heaven

Posted in Bible on Thu, Mar 22 2018 - 01:02 PM

 God (Jesus) has not given to us (saints) a spirit of fear. He has given to us His own Spirit. This is a great mystery to unbelievers but not to us who are mature in the faith. We know Him because His Spirit reveals Him to us through His words. The Holy Spirit apply power to the written words found in the Holy Bible. Mature believers can...

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