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Abdool N's Defence of Genesis One and Two (Part Three)

Posted in Topics on Mon, Jul 24 2006 - 06:39 PM

We will now examine what God did onthe third day.Verses nine to thirteen contain the scripturesthat explain the events.In the third day God went about rearranging thewaters that covered the land mass. He placedthe waters in such a way that they would bebelow the land mass that He wanted to be dry.The waters took form instead of just...

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Abdool N's Defence of Genesis One and Two (Part Two)

Posted in Topics on Mon, Jul 17 2006 - 10:52 AM

Let us delve into verse six toverse eight now. We start off, and right away we see that Godspoke again to create earthly things. Godwanted two places for water and one placefor air. To establish these He made thefirmament. The firmament is another namefor space or atmosphere. Space has air. So,even though air is not named directly, weunderstand ...

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Abdool N's Defence of Genesis One and Two (Part One)

Posted in Topics on Sat, Jul 08 2006 - 06:03 PM

  Let us take a closer look at the first andsecond chapters of Genesis to see if wecan give more light to those who areconfused by some parts of these writings.As we go through the scriptures, keepin mind the glorious and awesomepower of God. Since it is possible forJesus the Lord to raise the dead in amoment, in the twinkling of an ...

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