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What is wrong with Halloween?

Posted in Apologetics on Sun, Oct 30 2005 - 05:40 PM

What is wrong with Halloween? Should Christian have an alternative event in honor of Halloween? Some Christians decide to use this day to witness. The prophecy club did some radio specials about what is wrong with this holiday.

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Krystal Meyer's Latest music video

Posted in Apologetics on Sat, Oct 29 2005 - 04:55 PM

I just watch Krystal Meyer's first music called Anticonformity. I notice something there is so much pride in her. She looks so proud as she sings her song. She sings don't conform to the world but I think she is just like the world. Her music sounds like the world music. This music is wild. Full of fast motion graphics. My question is...

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KLOVE sharathon

Posted in Apologetics on Wed, Oct 26 2005 - 04:58 PM

Klove is doing their sharathon this week.  They say support our station people are getting saved listening.  Do people really get saved that way?  I wonder.  The first time I listen to Jars of Clay I couldn't stand their music.  It had a sound that is different  from what church music should be.  I think Klove is just a station about entertainment....

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Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale

Posted in Apologetics on Tue, Oct 25 2005 - 06:16 PM

It looks like Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale got a pretty hard hit with Hurricane Wilma.  Their website has been down for two days now.  Their radio station Reach Fm is down too, and their podcasts is down.  Maybe the power is still off in that area.Todays verse:  James 4:7  Therefore submit to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

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What is wrong with SYATP?

Posted in Apologetics on Sat, Oct 22 2005 - 05:23 PM

What is a wrong with See you at the Pole? Is it a bad or good thing for student to pray in public? I myself went to See you at the Pole for twice during my years in highschool.I was listen to a podcast about See you at the Pole from different view. verse: Psalm 119:11 Your word I...

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In N Out Burger with their bible verses

Posted in Apologetics on Wed, Oct 19 2005 - 04:14 PM

Have you been to an In-N-Out Burger? In N Out Burger has been putting bibles verses on their products.  The burger and the cheese burger have Revelations 3:20.  The soda cups have John 3:16 on them.  The milk shakes have Proverbs 3:5 and the double double has Nahum 1:7.Here is a link to a little history about how it happened.

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Fall Fest

Posted in Apologetics on Mon, Oct 17 2005 - 03:53 PM

Is you church have a fall festival?  My church is doing one of those alternatives to Halloween.  Giving candy to the kids.  Fun activities at the church.  What's the difference?  Some people say its a safe environment for the kids because it happens at church.  I am not a big fan of Halloween.  I've never went trick of treating.  Its a pagan...

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Air 1 raising money to stay on the air

Posted in Apologetics on Tue, Oct 11 2005 - 08:24 AM

I was listen to Air1 yesterday.  They are still trying to raise money to stay on air.  They must be struggling.  They keep buying stations all the time just to play their music.  I don't think people can get saved listen to christian positive radio.  There is no gospel message in it.  Most of the songs about love or a girl friend.  Jesus Christ is ...

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New internet station

Posted in Apologetics on Sun, Oct 09 2005 - 12:13 AM

I'm creating a new internet radio station to broadcast online today.  I call it Seeker Sensitive Radio.  It will play lots different preachers.  Most of them from Calvary Chapel.Here is the link to listen online.  You should be able to listen with Window Media Player or Winamp. verse:  Acts 1:8  But you shall receive...

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Left Behind 3

Posted in Apologetics on Fri, Oct 07 2005 - 08:15 PM

I just watched the promo for the new Left Behind movie coming out this month.  It is starting to get more creepy.  There are lots of scenes about the anti-christ.  There are a lot popular christian people praising this movie.  Chuck Smith likes it, Paul Crouch Jr. likes it,  John Hagee, Tony Evans, Marcus Lamb.I didn't become a fan of the Left...

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King James Bibles are still the number one selling

Posted in Apologetics on Mon, Oct 03 2005 - 11:30 AM

I found this story from MSNBC about the christian retail industry.  In this story they say that the King James bible is still very popular.  They also talk about the new hip hop bible and teen magazine bibles.'s verse:  Romans 12:17  Repay no one evil for evil.  Have regard for good things in the sight of...

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A christian music player

Posted in Apologetics on Sun, Oct 02 2005 - 06:22 PM

Have you seen the DMC Messenger?  It looks like an ipod but the screen and the buttons are different.  The screen has a cross on it.  The button shape like the letter C.  It also has a voice recorder and FM transmitter, and an FM radio. 66:18  If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear.  NKJV

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