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Casting Crown's song Voice of Truth

Posted in Apologetics on Thu, Jun 30 2005 - 02:22 PM

I heard this song on Christian radio a lot the passed few days.  The voice of truth.  What is this song all about?  In song they mention Jesus one two times.  It says "When I spot to listen the sound of Jesus singing over me."  This lyric is strange is Jesus suppose to sing to us or are we suppose to sing to him.  Everything is backwards....

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Christian Concerts

Posted in Apologetics on Wed, Jun 29 2005 - 06:11 AM

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What is wrong with the Christian Concerts? The same that happens in a secular concerts is happening at the Christian concerts. The drinking, the drugs, the smoking,the mosh putts. This week the Alive Festival begins in Ohio. Lots of people are even camping at this event. To me it looks a christian copy of Woodstock. Lots of young people acting...

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Lifehouse latest music video

Posted in Apologetics on Tue, Jun 28 2005 - 06:19 PM

I was watching Lifehouse latest music video.  You and me.  It looks like a song about a guy looking for a girl.  There is nothing Christian about this song.  He keeps singing I can't keep my eyes off you.   He sings everything she does is beautiful.  There is a kissing scene in the end of the video.  I think there lots of Christian music that have ...

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John Reuben newest CD

Posted in Apologetics on Mon, Jun 27 2005 - 07:29 AM

John Reuben CD cover is strange. It looks like he is about to jump off a clift. Is he committing suicide. Does his music now totally gone off the edge. I was listening to his new song Nuisance. It is like a hip hop song and a rock song put together. The lead singer of Relient K sings the rock part of the song.I think most of John Reuben music is...

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Veggie Tales song the Bunny Song

Posted in Apologetics on Sat, Jun 25 2005 - 07:27 AM

This song is very bad.  This song tells your kids to not love your mom, not to love your dad.  The lyrics say I won't go to church, I won't go to school.  I only love the bunny.   Why would Veggie Tales do a song like this?  The tune is very catchy, but it tells you to go against the bible.Since so many christians have rejected this song, Veggie...

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Billy Graham Crusades

Posted in Apologetics on Fri, Jun 24 2005 - 08:46 AM

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Tonight the Billy Graham Crusade begin in New York. Some people say he is the greatest preacher in our generation. This might be his last crusade. CSN Radio is broadcasting the crusade.I wonder if Billy has become an idol to many Christians. It as if he has become a god like figure. For the Catholics they have the Pope. But for the Evangelicals it ...

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Lord of the Rings

Posted in Apologetics on Wed, Jun 22 2005 - 06:49 AM

Is Lord of the Rings a Christian movie? I don't see much of Christianity in it. There is a lot fantasy in this movie. Trees that can move around and talk. Dragons flying around. Demonic creatures. The guy that is suppose to be a good guy is a wizard. A white wizard. The writer of the Lord of the Rings book was a Catholic but his writings don't...

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Jeremy Camp crossing over to MTV

Posted in Apologetics on Tue, Jun 21 2005 - 09:15 AM

MTV is now play Jeremy Camp's music video, "Take you back". He music is now in the secular world. What has happen to his music? I remember the first time I listen to Jeremy Camp on Worship Generation. His music usually is worship, but now I think it is moving away from that. Take you back sounds like a song about the story of the...

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A female bible

Posted in Apologetics on Mon, Jun 20 2005 - 08:09 AM

There is a new gospel coming out. Judith Christ of Nazareth. It changes the gospel a lot. The Lord's Prayer is now the Lady's Prayer. The Prodigal Son has become the Prodigal Daughter. Everything had been switch around. I think this is very very wrong. You can't change the word of God like this.

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The word "crap" in church

Posted in Apologetics on Sat, Jun 18 2005 - 07:40 AM

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 Something strange happened at church this week. The young people doing testimonies about what happen at camp. A teenage boy used the word "crap" in his testimonies. Everyone was shock at his language. It was like he had just said the f-word. This word is getting popular in the church youth. What's happen with today's language? Do we...

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Contempary Christian Worship Music

Posted in Apologetics on Fri, Jun 17 2005 - 05:20 PM

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What is wrong with Contempary Christian Worship Music? First of all, it is slowly removing Jesus. Many of the lyrics in the worship don't have Jesus in it. I believe that if the name of Jesus Christ is not mentioned that song is no longer a Christian song.Second, it is too loud. The drums in the church is becoming louder and louder. Sometimes you...

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Christian Cartoons

Posted in Apologetics on Wed, Jun 15 2005 - 07:11 PM

I was watching Daystar TV Saturday morning and I notice a program program called Lenny and Sid. This TV show reminds me of the Tom and Jerrry cartoons. Except without all the violence of the Tom and Jerry cartoons. The episode was Love Thy Neighbor. In the episode, I think it teaches kids to stand up to bullies. Fight those who bully you.The...

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Switchfoot's song This is your life

Posted in Apologetics on Sun, Jun 12 2005 - 02:52 PM

Who's life is it? Is it yours? Do you own your life? What happen to God gave you life? This life that you live doesn't belong to you. My life is not my own. Its been given to me. Switchfoot has made a mistake to say that this is your life. Are you who you want to be. I found an alternative to CCM music. Old Christian music...a radio...

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Magazine Bibles

Posted in Apologetics on Sat, Jun 11 2005 - 08:34 AM

Have you heard about those magazine bible that are out. Refuel for boys and Revolve for girls. I saw one at my churh a few months ago. They look just like magazines. You don't even know its a bible. The reason it was made was so that girls won't be made fun of for carry a bible to school. If they carry a regular black leather bible they get...

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Matt Redman's song Blessed be Your Name

Posted in Apologetics on Fri, Jun 10 2005 - 08:35 AM

 This is an interesting song. I heard it about a year ago. He sings "Blessed be the name of the LORD, but what is the name of the LORD. He forgot to put Jesus in this song.Tree 63 did a good thing. They put Jesus back into this song.The church I go to leave Jesus out of this song too. We need to bring back Jesus into the music not leave Him...

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Christian Video Games

Posted in Apologetics on Thu, Jun 09 2005 - 05:41 PM

 I play this video game called "Catechumen". It is a 3D kind of games. You go through rooms collect scrolls and keys. It is like a role play game. You go through a maze. These scroll have bible verses. There is no blood and gore in this video. It is pretty clean in that area. The bad thing about it is you don't have time to actually read ...

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Seventh Day Slumber song Caroline

Posted in Apologetics on Wed, Jun 08 2005 - 09:24 AM

Is it about Jesus or is it about a girl named Caroline. I don't see them mention Jesus at all. It could be about a guy and a girl when you don't put Jesus in the music. What I see in Christian music is that they are taking Jesus out. The message is not clear in this song. Who is Jesus? Is He the one who will make you feel beautful? Is it His job...

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Krystal Meyers new CD goes on sale this week

Posted in Apologetics on Tue, Jun 07 2005 - 09:02 AM

Who is she anyways? She is 16 years old and she stand for anticonformity. It says on her webpage she is a rebel with a cause. Her song "Way to begin" is climbing up the charts in the Christian world.I think her music is like the world's music. It copies the sound of Avril Lavigne. In her songs she's about My Savior but doesn't name Jesus ...

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Audio Adrenaline

Posted in Apologetics on Mon, Jun 06 2005 - 04:43 PM

What is wrong with Audio A? Their video Some kind of Zombie is really creepy. Full of fantasy and demonic creatures everywhere. Why is this stuff happening in Christian music? Is this stuff really Christian or is it Satan in disguise? In this video there is a women going under water. I wonder what that means in the occult world. Flyleaf has video...

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E Harmony separates from Focus on the Family

Posted in Apologetics on Sat, Jun 04 2005 - 09:07 AM

Last week I was listening to Focus on the Family and heard about the split between these two. It looks like now that eharmony is popular they don't want to be a part of the Christian world anymore. They don't just unite people who are christian but people of different faiths. I don't really support E Harmony they haven't been able to match me with ...

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Spirt West Coast

Posted in Apologetics on Fri, Jun 03 2005 - 07:03 AM

 I was look through their webpage and notice that it is so entertainment driven. They have games for the kids. Extreme sports with motorcycle flying in the air. Bands and bands and more bands. The Air1 banner is all over the main stage. That is their way of advertising to masses of young people.For todays young people it is having fun and playing...

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What is wrong with Christian Rock

Posted in Apologetics on Thu, Jun 02 2005 - 06:15 AM

Christian Rock I think needs to change. I was watching a video about this type of music and realize that there are lots of things wrong with it. Use this link in Real Player to watch the video I watched.  Today verse: Hebrews 6:3 Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth...

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Christians Idols

Posted in Apologetics on Wed, Jun 01 2005 - 03:05 PM

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I was watching the news last week and they talk about was the American Idol. Who won. Some country girl. In the Christian world there are idols too, whether it be Amy Grant, Jeremy Camp, or Rebecca St. James. An idol is an idol. They get their fans screaming for them just like the secular world Christian have their idols. I use to adore the...

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