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Merry Christmas Blogtioch family

Posted in General on Thu, Dec 28 2006 - 05:42 PM

Thought you would all enjoy an update of your answered prayers. Blessings to you all and may you have a blessed New Year renewed daily in the wonder of His love.Here are some of my favorite Amy pictures from the past fewdays: babysitting the neighbor's kittenChristmas Eve candlelight service at churchbedtime on Christmas EveReading new books on...

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So much to be thankful for

Posted in General on Tue, Dec 19 2006 - 05:20 PM

Recently I had a patient that has lost another leg through his illness. The leg had infection and was partly dying which had infected his whole body. The direction medicine has taken is to try and allow the least aggresive treatment to work. So I watched for days as the doctors tried to treat with antibiotics while this man's kidneys had shut down ...

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Blessing abounding

Posted in General on Tue, Dec 05 2006 - 09:31 PM

Last week I had an exciting week with hearing from Ronnie about how he is healing by leaps and bounds. His mother Sharon spent hours reading scripture over him and praying with him while he was recovering and couldn't do for himself. I believe she created a hedge around him and it allowed the Holy Spirit to work in Ronnie's life. Of course he was...

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Jeremiah 33:14-26 (GNT)

Posted in General on Mon, Dec 04 2006 - 06:31 AM

14The Lord said, "The time is coming when I will fulfill the promise that I made to the people of Israel and Judah. 15At that time I will choose as king a righteous descendant of David. That king will do what is right and just throughout the land. 16The people of Judah and of Jerusalem will be rescued and will live in safety. The city will be ...

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Being Thankful

Posted in General on Sun, Dec 03 2006 - 04:43 AM

I spoke with a man yesterday who works at the hospital I work in. Someone told me not too long ago that he works everyday at several different jobs. He is always very busy at his work and very business-like, but always cheerful. I asked him what his secret for always being cheerful in lieu of all the hours he works. I was surprised by his answer,...

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About: I am originally from Texas but moved here to Southern California about 18 years ago to be near family for help in raising my children. I worked as a nurse in a local hospital in this area until retiring a year ago. My children are all grown, but still are a joy and then there are the grandchildren who are a joy also. Now I am continuing to venture forth with God as my guide. I chose my screen name because my name comes from Hebrew and means "a bee". My middle name, Kay, comes from Greek and means "exultant or rejoicing". So to me my name means, "One who seeks only the sweet (the Lord) in life with rejoicing". I believe and claim scriptural motivations for my name in the verses of Ezekial 3:3, Proverbs 16:21, and Psalms 19 I had a personal ministry within nursing which God placed me in years ago and now am seeking where He is taking me. The scripture He gave me years ago regarding my ministry is in Isaiah 40:1 "Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, Saith the Lord your God." Through His assistance, He works to do just that with the people I serve. My prayer is that all would come to have a supernatural experience with Jesus, to meet Him, accept Him into their lives and have a special relationship with Him forever. I just love a big family!!

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