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Authored by admin on Wed, Dec 31 2003 - 01:11 AM

  Time: 3:27 | Date:  Tuesday,  Dec 31   Well today I didn't do much at all in fact I was lazy and on the computer all day.  Well to get off that subject.. My mom is not feeling to great today.  Which I hate because I love her so much and I have to stay away from her because I might catch the cold to ...

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Op13's start at Daily Journal

Authored by admin on Mon, Dec 29 2003 - 08:46 PM

  Time: 12:09 | Date:  Tuesday,  Dec 30  Well, It is after christmas and I am so happy at things I got and just spending time with family! The best part is thinking about Jesus when he was born and the food is great to!  I just started this blog to give imformation also not all based on me and what is going on but to ...

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