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A Year Has Passed

Authored by robertcarley on Thu, Sep 13 2012 - 10:20 AM

On this day last year we had the sad honour of carrying our beloved Jean to her final resting place. The past year has seen me and my five amazing children carried in love by family, friends ,church ,colleagues ,school mates ,teachers, pastors, strangers ,parents , brothers, sisters, correspondents and passers by. To each and everyone of you much ...

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Are You Willing to Help?

Authored by praizeop2 on Thu, Sep 06 2012 - 11:26 AM

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I hope you read my last blog as it told you that Praize needs financial increase. I know that many are having this same issue these days, but if you want to see Praize continue, I would ask you to take a part by doing two simple things: 1. Pray and ask the Lord how much you should donate to Praize, then hit the Donate button and send the amount ...

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Even Before

Authored by nomorechains on Sun, Aug 26 2012 - 03:45 PM

I Am the Even Before God Even before the stars had a name, I knew your name.   Even before you were knitted in your mothers’ womb, I knew everything about you.   Even before you took your first step, I charted the course of your life.   Even before you called me LORD, I sent my Son.   Even before you called me ...

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32 Years

Authored by robertcarley on Mon, Aug 20 2012 - 08:05 AM

I was chatting yesterday with some friends about if you were to pick a past time to live in what would it be. One said they wanted to be a knight , another chose to be the lady of the manor in Downton Abbey . I said my time would have been in wartime Britain around the time of the American soldiers being based there. I know it was a time of mixed ...

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Just A Note...

Authored by praizeop2 on Sat, Aug 18 2012 - 12:10 AM

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Just a short note this week to let you know that we have had two responses to our ad to sell Praize. Both are unique. Both are interesting. Please join us in prayer that  decisions will be made according to God's perfect plan and in a timely manner. ...

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To Tim

Authored by robertcarley on Wed, Aug 15 2012 - 01:30 PM

As I write this I am aware that around the country thousands of young adults are nervously making there way to schools , centres, computer screens and gatherings to collect their results from the state exam which they sat in June. As they read how they have done they will be frantically totting up the points and just like any game show points mean ...

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It's Good to be Irish!

Authored by robertcarley on Sat, Aug 11 2012 - 10:20 AM

I was there ! I cried I laughed I cheered I panicked I worried I cried again I stood I sat I sang I clapped I said hello to people I don't know I talked to Joe live on air I was proud I was nervous I was blessed I was anxious I was elated I waved to Mr Cameron but more importantly hugged Katies mam Bridget and sister Sarah. I had the craic with ...

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Tell us what you think...

Authored by praizeop2 on Tue, Aug 07 2012 - 04:01 PM

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Sometimes life throws you a curve. When we acquired two years ago, we were full of excitement and confidence in what God was going to do. Today we come to say....   We need a miracle. We repeatedly told you that the Lord had said that every member could afford a penny a day. If every member had even sent in a dollar, we would ...

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A Day to Remember

Authored by robertcarley on Tue, Jul 31 2012 - 09:36 AM

Wow what a week! The centre piece of course being my niece Ellie Ryalls wedding to her beau Matt. What a day filled with pretty things with delicate things with special things with family things with godly things with Love. It's such a great thing when family and friends gather to celebrate love. It's such a privilege to have your name on the ...

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terrible praize email departure.....

Authored by compdr on Fri, Jul 20 2012 - 10:11 AM

when you go Secular CHristian it happens ...

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Top of the Page!

Authored by praizeop2 on Fri, Jul 20 2012 - 07:15 AM

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This week really got away from me. I don’t know if it was the holiday or the heat or the rain or a combination of all three! LOL  Anyway, there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus or, in the vernacular, it’s all good! In the last several blogs I have discussed the Praize home page, and I hope all you new members will go to my blog ...

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My Carriers

Authored by robertcarley on Thu, Jul 12 2012 - 06:54 AM

You know when you dream, now I don't mean the in bed asleep dream or the some day in the future dream. Well maybe this only happens to men but the "hail the hero" dream the "you saved the day" dream the "if it wasnt for you" dream. The ones where the crowd parts and everyone's head turns to you someone points and then before you know where you are ...

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A Piece of Uganda

Authored by robertcarley on Tue, Jul 10 2012 - 01:19 PM

Sometimes when I sit down here to say whats on my mind I head off in a completely different direction than I had intended. So today its a completely wet dull and autumnal day. Yesterday was like a traditional hot buy me an ice cream kind of summer day. So what a contrast. When it gets warm I love the smell of the rain drying out on the grass. Its ...

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The Middle of the Page

Authored by praizeop2 on Sat, Jul 07 2012 - 12:33 AM

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Praize has seen so many new members lately, that I want to encourage you all to read my past blogs… at least starting with “The  Bottom of the Page”. By doing so, you will get a good idea of what Praize is all about. None of my blogs are long, so it will  only take you a few minutes. Today we are up to the middle of ...

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Not Forsaken

Authored by robertcarley on Wed, Jul 04 2012 - 09:49 PM

Well Im back in my own hood after a fortnight of trips that has taken me to Germany Rwanda Ethiopia Uganda Wales England Tullamore Cork Skibereen and home!! My sister Karen has taken to calling me Phineas Phogg so if you see a balloon over your house that might be me. Well its been a busy time and at times a very testing time as I retraced the ...

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take me to that place

Authored by jesuslives2 on Sun, Jul 01 2012 - 07:45 PM

for a week the lord gave me a song i did not write it im not sure who did but i was depressed from losing a amazing woman in my life she was my pastors mother sometimes i hear her one day i said lord please get me out of this depression please help me i need you  one morning i woke up singing take me to that place lord to that sercret place ...

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Authored by robertcarley on Sat, Jun 23 2012 - 07:24 AM

  It's funny how life takes twists and turns that we just dont see coming. Just when it seems to be the way we dreamed it picks a side road that leads us through suburbs and neighbourhoods of sadness and hurt despair and loneliness poverty and Ill health loss and confusion in fact it's a route that we would never knowingly choose. ...

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Up From The Bottom of The Page

Authored by praizeop2 on Tue, Jun 19 2012 - 09:41 AM

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The past two weeks I have shared about the bottom of the Praize home page. It is VERY important, and I wanted to make sure it wasn't overlooked.   Up one step from the bottom of the home page, above the Categories, is a Google ad. Now that Google ad may seem trivial to you, but it is important to us.  If you don't feel that you ...

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A Son's Memory

Authored by robertcarley on Sun, Jun 17 2012 - 08:41 AM

Options Bob Carley   I've shared this thought before at many seminars and conferences and in church but for the day that's in it I thought I'd put it here as a salve to someone's hurting heart. I was blessed to be raised by amazing parents. Both seemed to find a happy rhythm and natural responsibilities and I never heard them mention ...

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A Father's Thoughts

Authored by bobcarley on Sun, Jun 17 2012 - 07:51 AM

Well it's 7am and I've been lieing awake forvan hour thinking! Now early morning thinking can be very scary because it seems to go at a breakneck speed. Probably because the highways of thought have not yet been filled with the traffic of duty and the commuters from the memory suburbs. It's a clear run no accidents of hurt or offence no regret ...

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Authored by jesuslives2 on Sun, Jun 10 2012 - 10:33 AM

this is a poem in memory of my brother i miss him so much i actually cried in church so much paindont want to fellowship with others so here it goes.     hey dean tomorrow is your birthday  i wish i could see your face no one can take this pain away everytime i close my eyes i see your blue eyes and smile i wish it didnt have ...

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Authored by praizeop2 on Tue, Jun 05 2012 - 10:42 PM

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Since we have so many new Praize members signing up daily, I thought I would run over a few things: 1) Your content counts. Really, the only reason for you to have a membership on Praize is so that you can participate. And every time you post a blog or comment on a teaching, it helps our ratings. Of course financial donations count as well as ...

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busy fun crazy summer im baaaaaaaaaaaack

Authored by jesuslives2 on Sat, Jun 02 2012 - 04:45 PM

hey praizers ok so my computer went uh bye for awhile so how am i blogging you ask? great questions on my phone. im great life is great so this summer is super exciting for me haha june seventh will be three yrs since i rededicated my life to the lord june nineth is my dads bday the tenth is my dead dogs bday the eleventh is my brothers   ...

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Don't Waste It!

Authored by robertcarley on Tue, May 29 2012 - 08:02 AM

What amazing weather gloriously delicious days. Made for ice cream days . Days of factor 0 to fifty in ten applications days. Days of kids laughter days of floppy dogs tongues days of hot foot paths pizza oven car interiors and do you still have that t shirt days. Days of scents of cut grass lemon drinks and this is like the old summer days . Jean ...

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Authored by praizeop2 on Mon, May 28 2012 - 09:52 AM

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  Sometimes we can overlook the simplest things. Last week’s Spotlight was to remind Praize members to update their personal email address.  Okay, simple enough, right?  Then I got this precious comment: “How do I do that?”  I’m sorry, I just had to chuckle… of course I should have given ...

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