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1 day til D day

Authored by admin on Tue, May 31 2005 - 05:45 AM

Tomorrow is D day...the day I bid it all goodbye. I am so wired I cannot sleep, and even if I did I would dream of tomorrow. I cannot wait to get my stuff back! it will serve as the only lasting reminder of my childhood, apart from my grandparents that is. I have been journalling like crazy, getting all my thoughts and feelings out before tomorrow ...

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Operation get my stuff complete success!

Authored by admin on Thu, Jun 02 2005 - 08:22 PM

God be praised for his mercy! Everything went off without a hitch...the only set back is I didnt get all the stuff, but when they come across the rest which has been packed away they are going to leave it at my parents house! I have let it all go and Im so thankful to God for giving me all the courage I needed to be brave and get that stuff! I ...

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A tough weekend but all is well.

Authored by admin on Sun, Jun 05 2005 - 01:19 AM

Greetings all...well those TWO that read this ha ha ha nah tis all good, this is really more for me than anyone else anyways. I have had a tough weekend, went to a cousins 21st and it really brought home to me everything I have missed in life, and that hurt big time. it was good tho, lots of partying and loud music, not really my cup of tea but I ...

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Daily Grind

Authored by praizeop10 on Mon, Feb 21 2005 - 10:24 AM

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 Hi, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Mike and I am one of's newest OPs to this date.  I decided that I would let everyone into my life a little bit.  For starters, let me tell you a little about me.  I am 32 years old, I have a lovely wife named Lilia and two little blessings, Hannah-3 and ...

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