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Pearl Harbor Day...

Authored by Sarah-OP on Fri, Dec 08 2017 - 09:35 AM

Yesterday was Pearl Harbor Day.  It had been on my mind since the beginning of the month, but then yesterday, when it was important, it slipped my mind.  I am probably the only one here on Praize who actually remembers the day.  It was tragic... even to my very young mind.  All I remember is that "the Japs came and bombed the ...

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Condolences to the members of First Baptist Church

Authored by roundtable on Mon, Nov 06 2017 - 10:35 AM

It is sad to see another gun rampage. I would like to extend condolences to all my brothers and sisters who lost loved ones in the the shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs Texas. Unfortunately this man snapped. I understand that the military was taking a stand against family violence when they discharged this man from military ...

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President Trump's Address to Congress Feb 28

Authored by roundtable on Tue, Feb 28 2017 - 11:27 PM

If President Trump is able to accomplish 75 percent or more of his objectives on his to do list this speech will become one of the most important speeches in American history, similar to a grand slam home run. His tone and presentation was presidential but he also showed that he understands the inter connectedness of America's problems. Even if he ...

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Continuing Starvation in Venezuela

Authored by roundtable on Wed, Feb 15 2017 - 05:31 PM

Ever since the Venezuelan government nationalized food distribution in 2015 there have been problems with food shortages. It is apparent there have been many children now who have been without food for long periods of time and are fainting from starvation. Malnourishment in childhood can lead to health problems later on in life and can also stunt ...

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Congratulations to President elect Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence

Authored by roundtable on Sun, Nov 13 2016 - 02:25 PM

Now that Mr Trump has become president here are some things that those implementing the President elect's platform may want to consider: Mr Trump's platform is quite ambitious and I believe that unless things are done in the right order, some important programs may fail. For example: I think it would be better to maintain a cash flow for public ...

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Loyalty To Family Ought To Trump Trump

Authored by FMeekins1 on Tue, Sep 20 2016 - 08:08 PM

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According to a number of Facebook theologians, Ted Cruz's refusal or failure to endorse Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee wasn't simply bad manners at best or strategically imprudent at worst. Instead, such thinkers invoke this rhetorical incident to call into question the validity of the Senator's profession of faith as a ...

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What is Their Definition of Infidel?

Authored by roundtable on Mon, Sep 05 2016 - 07:58 AM

I believe the question to ask when dealing with a Muslim you don't know is this: "WHAT IS THEIR DEFINITION OF INFIDEL"? This can tell you a lot. If they consider Christians and Jews as infidels, in my opinion, they will also consider any non Muslim as an infidel. And the word INFIDEL is very much a loaded word. Loaded with contempt for anyone ...

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Remembering the 5 Dallas Officers

Authored by roundtable on Mon, Jul 11 2016 - 06:15 AM

My heart goes out to the friends and families of the 5 police officers who were killed in Dallas during the demonstration a few days ago. Apparently these were substitute killings by someone with an "us and them" mentality, which conveniently avoids the reality, that everyone is responsible for their own actions. To the children of the police ...

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Black Lives do matter

Authored by roundtable on Thu, Jul 07 2016 - 06:12 PM

A black bird saw a man with a gun entering the forest and flew over. The bird said to the man "Please don't kill any of my children in the forest". And the man asked "Well what do they look like"? The bird said "They are the most beautiful". The man agreed and went his way. After some time the man returned from the forest and was stopped by the ...

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Brexit, What will tomorrow bring?

Authored by roundtable on Fri, Jul 01 2016 - 10:16 AM

Britain has been somewhat of a reluctant member of the EU and Margaret Thatcher was also a bit of a Euroskeptic even though she chose to join in the European Common Market. Still I think that Europe should cut Britain some slack. Britain not only benefitted from trade with Europe, it also helped to build up the EU. Do you think that Europe would ...

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Questions After the Brexit Vote

Authored by roundtable on Fri, Jun 24 2016 - 05:28 PM

While the Brexit Vote results produced joy in most of England and Wales, it has produced numerous logistical problems for all of the UK and the EU. I think that Scotland and Northern Ireland realize that time is on their side, at least for the near future. It is Gibraltar that may well find itself in the most immediate crisis. Some reports say ...

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Looks Like an Uncontested Convention for Mr Trump

Authored by roundtable on Thu, May 26 2016 - 05:57 PM

Now that Mr Trump has acheived the necessary threshold for an uncontested convention he may have some more time to think about policy. At one point  Mr Trump had indicated his disillusionment with NAFTA. NAFTA has certainly been a nauseating experience for a lot of blue collar workers in both Mexico and the southern states of America. If Mr ...

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Major Meeting of Christian Churches in October

Authored by roundtable on Sat, May 07 2016 - 01:07 PM

In October of this year a number of denominations including Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Evangelical Assoc are planning on meeting in Moscow to discuss the State of Christianity. The Russian Orthodox Church is also reportedly planning to attend. They are planning on discussing the plight of Christians in the MIddle East. A word of thanks ...

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Pope Exposes His Biblical Ignorance In Hurry To Promote Globalist Agenda

Authored by FMeekins1 on Thu, Feb 25 2016 - 03:54 PM

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As part of the centuries-long effort on the part of Vatican elites to collapse the United States on behalf of the New World Order, Pope Francis said regarding Donald Trump, “...a person that thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not about building bridges, is not Christian.”   However, it would seem that ...

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Astute Parents Alert To Jihadist Intrusion

Authored by FMeekins1 on Mon, Jan 11 2016 - 07:54 PM

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A Virginia school system shut down classes for a day over protests that erupted in response to a Geography assignment that would have required students to write in Arabic the fundamental Islamic statement of belief known as the shahada. If Jews or Muslims rebuffed an assignment to write John 3:16 or “Jesus Is Lord”, would the leftwing ...

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The Pope's Advice Regarding Speech Raises More Concerns Than It Answers

Authored by FMeekins1 on Sun, Jan 18 2015 - 06:33 AM

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As he continues to build a pontificate endeavoring to appeal to nearly everyone on some level, Pope Francis responded to the Charlie Hebbdo massacre in the same spirit. The Catholic News Service has the Pope on record as saying “It's true, one cannot react violently... cannot insult other people's faith, one cannot make fun of ...

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Dropping Oil Prices

Authored by roundtable on Tue, Jan 13 2015 - 01:09 PM

I'd imagine that a lot of oilpatch personnel are hurting from the drop in oil prices. However this may prove to be an opportunity for those who had once planned on starting a micro brewery or a home based pizza business (something that uses a lot of gas to deliver product). So if you have some money saved up that you are willing to risk (since all ...

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Israeli/Palestinian Problem talking points

Authored by roundtable on Tue, Dec 30 2014 - 05:50 PM

  -Arab countries getting tired of the lack of progress as is USA   -any major suggestions for solving Palestinian/ Israeli problems should come after an elected Israeli government is in place   -Israel has to have enough land in the West bank area to create a no man's land where they can examine the area for tunnels and ...

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"The Big New Year"

Authored by roundtable on Sun, Dec 21 2014 - 01:57 PM

A few days ago I was watching an old Dragnet episode circa 1956, and it was about a policeman who was killed on New Year's Eve. Then Friday and his partner had to mournfully go and tell the widow about what had happened. The policeman was shot at close range by a drug addict who hated policemen. Now 2 NYPD officers have been killed by a gunman who ...

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The Temple Mount

Authored by roundtable on Fri, Nov 21 2014 - 06:54 AM

  Controversy over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is likely what caused the attack on a Jewish synagogue a few days ago. Tragically 3 or more rabbis were killed in the attack. And what is more sad is they were killed while at prayer. This is bad news for the killers because God wants people to pray and to interrupt that process will likely ...

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Nurse Fails To Accurately Diagnose The Police State Menace

Authored by FMeekins1 on Wed, Oct 29 2014 - 03:44 PM

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The nurse at the heart of a New Jersey quarantine verbalized a concern about this potential epidemic degenerating into a police state situation. That is indeed a very valid concern. If she is that sensitive to the preservation of American freedom and liberties, does she plan to condemn the coercive intervention on the part of the President that ...

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2 Dead in Ottawa Canada

Authored by roundtable on Thu, Oct 23 2014 - 12:09 AM

  A drug addict turned terrorist stormed the Parliament Buildings of Ottawa Canada on October 22 after killing a sentry by the nearby war memorial. Kevin Vickers, a former RCMP officer and now Sergeant-at-Arms shot and killed the attacker. He is an older gentleman and I salute his fortitude. A security guard by the entry tried to stop the ...

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Could The President's UN Remarks Undermine Religious Liberty?

Authored by FMeekins1 on Sat, Oct 18 2014 - 05:52 AM

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In an address before the United Nations, President Obama proclaimed to the planetary assembly, “No children --- anywhere --- should be educated to hate people.” The President went on to clarify, “There should be no tolerance of so-called clerics who call upon people to harm innocents.” The President suggested that this ...

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The Big Picture in the Middle East

Authored by roundtable on Tue, Oct 14 2014 - 12:26 AM

  Turkey seems to be reluctant to get involved in Kobani. It would however be in Turkey's best interest to be the policeman in Kobani. Presently ISIS is likely looking to consolidate its territory and develop a good smuggling route to get volunteers and munitions into Syria. This is probably of marginal concern to Turkey. What Turkey should ...

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Good Samaritan Needed

Authored by allencombs884 on Wed, Sep 03 2014 - 06:29 AM

2014-09-03 While Americans watch as an American journalist is beheaded, our President is again doing nothing.  ISIS takes credit for the kill and are persecuting Christians and 'religious minorities' in Iraq to the point of chasing down children and beheading them as well.  How do we handle this? Someone suggested that we need a ...

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