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Thu, Mar 02 2017 - 02:57 PM

Praize Him!

I have to admit, I love living in Arizona in the winter.  How can you even call it winter when the lowest temperatures are in the low sixties?  My winter days are divided between days I can sit out in the sun in the back yard and days when it is just a little too cold or cloudy!  Such huge decisions! LOL  

People tell me that they love living in the snow.  I understand because I have lived there.  And it can be great if you don’t have to go anywhere or if you don’t want to go anywhere.  It was fine when we lived in Missouri and we had fun with the snow.  It left us with fun stories to tell our friends.  I loved driving down a road that looked like it was a Christmas card.  It made me appreciate the Lord even more to see the diversity of seasons.  

But now we are in Phoenix and I truly love the weather here.  I think that it all has to do with where the Lord wants us to live.  I believe He gives us joy when we are in His will.  Which brings me to another point.  And maybe this isn’t an issue with you, but I always love to be reminded.  Our main job as Christians is to praise the Lord.  That is our number one responsibility!  And I know how easy it is to “forget” to do it.  Funny, it takes no extra time out of our day or our business because we can praise no matter what we are doing or how busy we are.  I want to encourage those of you who read this to pick up your praise!  Leave me a note and let me know what is your favorite praise time!

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RevDell - 1 year ago

Well I haven't been here on Praize for a few weeks and wow! I come back to discover you had an accident of some kind while in PHOENIX! Are you still in that area -- or back home. I'm going to head out to your other blogs and one will surely tell me what happened. Meanwhile, as I search for news, I'll be praying for you. BTW, I live 80-90 miles from Phx.

jeanne53 - 1 year ago

Even for those who are not Christians, it is good to be grateful for the Earth and all its blessings, while being mindful of all the danger living on it brings, as well. Snow is beautiful, but deadly if you are out in it and not prepared to be. The ocean is wonderful, but deadly if you don't respect its power. The sunshine is great, unless you over-tan or get burned badly. My favorite time to be grateful for my blessings is when the sun is just going down, but before the sunset begins. An eagle likes to sit in a single pine tree that my husband left standing for me when we were first married. We had sold the timber and I could not do without my tree, although it would have brought several hundred dollars. Against the soft sunlight of late afternoon, it brings such joy and peace to my soul. I never feel at peace without being able to see tall pines against the sky or setting sun. So...I like to be at my own home. Content and at peace and filled with the joy of being alive in that moment.

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