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Wed, Apr 18 2012 - 03:11 PM



I have walked through the Valley of the Shadow of death many many times, and through all those times I walked through the valley I can remember God holding me giving me peace that transcends all understanding that will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus!


In October of 06 my grandfather had lung cancer, the last conversation I had with him was this:


Me: hey grandpa how are you doing?

Him: Hey there big brown eyes, I’m doing great how are you?

Me: I’m ok I don’t know if I can graduate

Him: You will graduate I want to see my precious granddaughter walk across the stage

Me: I love you

Him: I love you to God bless you!


He has gone to be with the Lord before I was able to graduate from High school it was hard but I asked the Lord for strength to help get through this rough time.  As I was praying for my grandfather I said Lord please don’t take him please I love him so much why cant I take his place Lord is he going to die? I was a teen at the time and I still yet didn’t understand death nor Gods will for my life.  The Lord kept saying Philippians 4:7 and I said Lord if that is you please let it stay in my mind till morning, and in the morning that scripture was still there it bugged me so much I had to look it up here’s what it says:

And the Peace that transcends all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus Philippians 4:7.


The Next day my dad called me telling my grandfather passed away I had this peace that everything was alright that he was in a better place dancing with Jesus and to be honest I tell him I said oh man Grandpa I am so jealous of you right now your up there in Heaven and I’m down here. Lol but I accept it.


Well Praize members I believe that is all for now! The next time you go through the valley don’t be afraid just remember that God gives us the peace that will guard our hearts and minds in Christ! I’m done with walking in fear I am going to choose right now to walk in Peace! Hope this gives u inspiration to do whatever the Lord called you to do.




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jesuslives2 - 6 years ago

it still hurts but one day the pain will leave :)

revsuz - 6 years ago

Praise God for His comfort in times of storms.

jesuslives2 - 6 years ago

Your welcome,
Every time i think about that one little moment i just want to cry, he was the only grandfather i knew my dads dad died when i was 9. his last words were can i go home? he didnt mean going to his house he so wanted to be with the Lord!

praizeop2 - 6 years ago

Thank you for sharing the special moments of your life. Blessings ~ Sarah

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