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Mon, Nov 05 2018 - 11:20 AM

Life is here and then is gone...

It is birthday time here again at Praize.  PraizeOP has a birthday tomorrow.  Mine is closer to Thanksgiving.  Then you have my kids and grandkids.  I think there are about five on Thanksgiving week. We just need to have a birthday week.  And celebrate it on Thanksgiving.  It works for me!

Turning 82 this year.  The Lord promised me that I would never look like Jim’s mother… and I think that is true.  I couldn’t look like her no matter how I tried! J  But I have noticed that I am starting to look older.  About time, I guess.  I don’t know… I think I could look 25 forever and be happy that way.  Even though I eat well and take care of my face, eighty years is bound to put on some wear.  I certainly feel it in the rest of my body.  I am in process of going from a cane to a walker.  I use the walker to go to the mailbox.  That way I can sit down when I get there and go through the mail if I want to.  If I take a cane, I have to stand.  And I know this interests no one!  I wonder why no one ever explained these things to me?  I remember Mom and others saying, “I walked to the mailbox today.”  I never thought anything about it at the time.  Now I realize that this was them saying, “I did my exercise today and am proud that I made it there and back!”   Unfortunately, there is not much in the mailbox today of interest.  Sad really, that mail is about to be diseased.  So much can be said in a letter. 

I feel sad for where the world has gone.  I grew up in a beautiful world of the fifties.  There is nothing like that out there now.  Everywhere a person goes, one must beware of predators.  I cannot imagine a child living in today’s world.  My great-grandchildren are growing up in it.  I wish them well.  I pray, “Father, put angels by them and watch over them.  Don’t let them become victims to the world out there.”  Which brings me to my main point.  Father, why are you waiting so long for Jesus to return?  I have been watching for him all my life, and continue to watch for Him daily as I close my eyes in sleep each night.  I don’t know what He brings with Him, but it has to be better than our world today.  There is so much corruption and evil-doing out there.  And my youngest grandson wants to be a cop as soon as he turns twenty-one!  Watch over him, Lord.  He needs to have a relationship with You in today’s world. 

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wolvienne - 6 months ago

I heard the bells, more loud and sweet, "God is not dead, nor does He sleep. The wrong shall fail, the right prevail, with peace on earth, goodwill to men."
P.S. Happy Birthdays PraizeOp and PraizeOp2.

m7thprophet - 6 months ago


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