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Fri, Oct 06 2017 - 12:43 AM

It's A New Day...

Fall has come! It is October. The air is turned off and the doors are opened. 

The thing I hate about it is Halloween!  Yesterday I saw a little person walking across the street.  I couldn't tell if it was a female or a male because it was rather short of height, perhaps four feet.  Just walking on the sidewalk across the street from my home. A little creature dressed in brown: from the hood that covered its head to the base of its skirt that hit the sidewalk.  Halloween does its best to cause fear in people.  Think about people who would like to cause fear... those are not people that I want to be around. Do you? 

Other than the obvious negative qualities, I am excited!  I put orange polish on my nails as a fall color and added a brown toner to my hair.  I know that our winter here in Phoenix doesn't have snow, but we do have cold breezes and wind.  We wear scarves, boots, and sometimes gloves as sixty degrees seems really cold after the hundreds we have had during the summer.  But the good thing about October is that we have the month to pull out fall and winter clothes and a full four weeks to adjust to the idea of another Christmas and New Years.  It helps a little to take things in bunches rather than one week at a time. 

So enjoy your fall.  Enjoy the cool breezes and warm setting suns.  If you live in a land of winter snow, enjoy the cold airs coming in and falling leaves. Praise the Lord and write about it in your blog!

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jeanne53 - 11 months ago

Sarah, I would suggest to you that the little person, whom you saw was probably attending a Star Wars themed party or event, such as a Comic Con, and was dressed as a Jawa. Jawas are junk collectors and travel in huge rolling dumpsters gathering scrap metal and tech for resale. He or she was not out to cause anyone fear, but probably minding his or her own business. Are you judging someone based upon their dress or height? That seems very unlike you. Were you actually frightened by this costumed person?

While there are many old traditions that had other meanings for people in ancient times, most celebrations that surround these old traditions are harmless, even if they are sometimes silly. Many of the old traditions had to do with placating the other worldly, including the ancestral dead.

I guess if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I prefer to look at evil straight on and not suspect that Treat or Treating is evil, or decorating fur trees, or carving pumpkins, or getting a tattoo or dressing in costume, although I do not like gruesome costumes. Gore and violence and zombies are too icky for me. I do like witches, however and have never known a witch who was in league with an evil entity.

I hope you can enjoy your Autumn and not be too fearful about Halloween.

chaplainsboy - 11 months ago

as i have learned why people today dress up for Halloween and found it interesting.
it is to scare off demons and other evil spirits many many centuries ago. the scarier the costume the better and these people went around and got treats and other presents for the best costume. we can also use prayer and the bible to do the same thing

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