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Tue, May 30 2017 - 09:03 AM


I want to apologize for my delays in writing blogs lately.  One would think it could be done without a lot of consideration...  you know...  just sit down and write.  At least that is what I thought when I first began blogging so many years ago.  And for a while, that is just what it was.  I began "A Day in the Life of a Praize OP"  as just that.  Things were different then.  We were living in Branson, Missouri, and OH, so much was happening in those days!  Even just the changes in weather from season to season. 

I will never forget us attending a movie on a cold winter night in Branson.  Whose idea was it anyway to go to a movie when the temperature was below freezing, and the streets were covered with inches of ice?  We got to the parking lot beside the theater.  We actually parked in the next lot because the theater lot was quite downhill and looked dangerous (which it was!)...  We got out of our car and began the icy treck across to the show.  A car was parked along side with a couple sitting apart from one another in the front seat.  It didn't take much to know that they were arguing!  I tried with my facial expression to let them know that I was grateful for the handhold and that I would let go as soon as I could get my feet onto something steady. Long story short, we DID make it into the theater.  I have NO idea what movie we saw, but we sure had fun getting there.  I remember Jim sliding all the way to the bottom of the lot... he managed to stay on his feet! And then he had to work his way all the way up to the street again.

That was just one of the changes.  In the summer was difficult heat.  We built our house in it.  I have a picture of me lying on the roof handing Jim tiles as he layed them across.  In Branson at that time, local people were allowed to go to the shows free.  I took advantage of that in the summer and spent many afternoons at various shows.  We only had storm windows in the house, so it was unbearable to stay inside; and just as unbearable to stay outside.  Being able to go to the shows free of charge was a reall blessing.

I had lyme disease at the time and would sleep long hours... usually fifteen or more hours a day.  I expected that I would just open my eyes one time and find myself in heaven! That didn't sound so bad! Well, as you can see, it didn't happen that way.

So here I am, more than ten years later, trying to figure out what to write about.  I live in Phoenix, where it is almost always hot.  I don't mind the heat.  I am a cold person and like to be warm.  So Jim and I go back and forth on the thermostat for the difference of three degrees!  Yesterday the air conditioning went off, so I had to have someone come and fix it.  He came at one oclock, and the house had not yet warmed up to where I couldn't stand it, so it was no big deal.  So you can see how my life now is much less interesting than it was about twelve years ago.  I guess that is God blessing me for being old!  He IS always good to us, isn't He?  So good!  Over and over again.  Even when we make mistakes.  How much He loves us. 

So today He even put something in my mind to write about... not that this is interesting to anyone, but at least it will put something "new' in the space.  And gives me an opportunity to say "Thank you" to all of you that are here.  Bless you.

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jeanne53 - 1 year ago

Love this photo!

jeanne53 - 1 year ago

As my sister says, she is most grateful for the small hot water for her shower. Air conditioning on hot Arizona days... Cool water right from the tap... A nice breeze on a humid peninsula... A sweet baby smile or laugh... A gentle pup's head in your lap... But, most of all, a hand to hold when you are on treacherous ground.

I suspect you remember a time when houses didn't have air conditioning and on the hot, humid nights you might have been whining about the heat and discomfort and your mother or father would say, "Just lie still and you will fall asleep soon." And the flip side, when you might wake up with frost or ice on the inside of your window pane and you would bring your clothes into bed to get them warm before you crawled into them under the covers.

I remember some kids in my neighborhood, who grew up with central heating and air asking me if I lived in a cave! What would the children of today think about such conditions? Sometimes I think of them as spoiled brats in my mind.

I read an article about some conniving young grant-obtainers, who decided the world must know how "global warming" is affecting people's sleep, since they had noticed that often people sleep outside on the porch or front yard during oppressively hot nights. Do you know what they found out? Hot nights make for poor sleep and people tend to be cranky the next day and not as focused on their work! WOW!

Always nice to read your thoughts, Sarah. And...stop apologizing, silly.

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