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Mon, Nov 27 2017 - 01:48 PM


My amazing Doctor who is a christian refferred me to  a ortho surgeon and i thought it was for my left hip, but He put down for my left knee I am severly nervous at this point and time i go on Dec 15 to see him and see what he says I have had surgeries in the past but that was on my ankles hip inner thigh ect... so prayers are appreiated ill keep yall updated on what happens i may have to set my education on hold for awhile because of this which means i wont graduate in 2019 as planned unless my college is able to accomadate me im highly upset i really want to acocmplish something i had my heart set on...

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Name: jesuslives2

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About: I have 2 brothers 2 sisters. I would want to become a youth pastor. I have taught sunday school once, I have cerbral palsy. I like to pray for others. I write poems and songs and stories and plays. I am very energetic outgoing and just all around fun haha i love telling jokes and when i fall well i get back up again. God is just that good and if he didnt have a sense of humor well he wouldnt make me lol

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