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Tue, Jun 12 2018 - 11:15 PM


I am still alive!  Today is my birthday, I have one more year of classes left and boy do i have a lot of updates where do i begin?


I have not been able to blog my summer has been really busy, I got out of school May 18th and then on the 22 of may I decided to go ahead and have surgery which took three hours stopped breathing in the middle of it but I do thank God for being there with me this whole time, 


In the begining of this process preop a nurse was helping me get prepared and she stopped me knew i was fearful and anxious and said honey is it okay if i pray for you here let me hold your hand and pray and she just asked God to give me peace and guide the surgeons and allow everything to be a success I am so glad that she came in to pray with me.  I am now in rehab I am able to go home friday but I can also appeal which i plan to do tomororw I am healing up well and my legs are the same length.


what he did was put two plates and a rod in my right leg and then went in and put a screw in my right knee he also had to cut some of my muscles to drill a hole in my bone.  I promise i did not get into a fight although ive been so bruised up it looks like i did.


for the first time I was actually at peace before surgery I wasnt afraid last thing i said to my mom was see ya on the other side although this process is very difficult and i keep getting sick and i keep having pain I keep telling myself if it werent for my faith or the fact people been praying for me I would have given up but giving up is not an option for me because if i did then i would lose the ability to walk.


so please keep me in prayer because I am in alot of pain my muscles are really sore and my leg spams up some nights i scream cause im in pain and also i keep getting sick from time to time and I am having a really rough time with all of this but i constantly pray Lord i know i can do this and i really want to give up but please God do not let me give up help me through this and he has and continues to do so.  


After all of this is done i was asked to give my testimony and I have been thinking about it I have been meditating on John 15:1-8 and I do appreate all the prayers I am doing well and I have the will to fight through the pain everyone wants me to take the easy way out and i told them right now i dont want to do easy i want to do what is right.  


I am at a rehab on my birthday yay wonderful lol the nurses here are wonderful i truely feel blessed I do believe that ive been so busy i took my focus off of God and now i am not and my mind has been on God through this whole process I have been needing his help its difficult i have to learn how to walk dress and do the normal stuff all over again and i do get frustrated and think i cant do this anymore but I am so thankful i have good friends who tell me i can do all things through Christ who strengths me.


Sorry this is a long post i appologize I thought i would give an update.  I didnt want to blog before because well i couldnt and through some of this process ive been highly negitive and very depressed and didnt think it would help anyone so please keep me in prayer.  I am going to try and sleep I will contiune to give up dates on my process and again thank you all for the prayers i appreate it


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jesuslives2 - 11 months ago

thanks sarah, I cant take my pain meds anymore...i have a bad reaction to them i keep getting sick i do eat before hand but i still get sick. Friday i see my surgeon for a check up at this point I'm not sure what to do not much i can do i dk if regular pain meds will help with my pain or not but I do not want to keep getting sick all day every day i have no idea what to do

praizeop2 - 11 months ago

I am SOOOO glad to hear from you! I had been praying the other day and wondering how you were doing. I miss people when we don't hear for a while. I appreciate your determination to do all that you can to keep healthy! You are an inspiration for me! Don't ever lose your willingness to be bold in the Lord or to share what He does for you. You can never know how it will impact others. I look forward to your next post! Blessings ~ Sarah

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