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Mon, Jan 08 2018 - 07:18 PM

Just thoughts

I am alittle upset because I go to church and i know no one is perfect but walking out to someones car to go home I fell in the snow and this guy all he does is say hey are you okay? yea im great wanna help me up is what i was thinking since im not able to get up sometimes but he just stood there seeing me struggle and then i got a bad attitude and once i was up then and only then he says do you need help im like seriously? Reason i dont trust people reason why i dont make friends because sometimes i find people born with out any common sense lol this blog is so hard to write because normally i would cuss and call names but im not doing that here but i am in my own little head cause im frustrated but i will spare you all with the words and keep it clean so your welcome.  it does hurt that people see me struggle and do absoutly nothing to help and i get maybe they dont know how but dont just stand there and watch me struggle figure how to help me.  Through all my anger i am so thankful God knows exactly how to help us when we struggle he doesnt stand there clueless hes like come on let me help ya up come on finish the race you can do it you can do it woot woot I dk i am home alot nothing to do so i have an imagination. 


on the upside i yelled at my bible today. i was reading about how God told abraham to sacrafice his son and i was like abraham dont do it please dont do it lol yea i was in a weird mood today but was realived that God sent an angle to protect whew that was close.

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About: I have 2 brothers 2 sisters. I would want to become a youth pastor. I have taught sunday school once, I have cerbral palsy. I like to pray for others. I write poems and songs and stories and plays. I am very energetic outgoing and just all around fun haha i love telling jokes and when i fall well i get back up again. God is just that good and if he didnt have a sense of humor well he wouldnt make me lol

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