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Fri, Apr 13 2012 - 07:51 PM

Hearing Gods Voice!

Hearing Gods Voice!


There was a situation I was in with a friend, she kept going on and on about not having a relationship with her sister because her sister called her names and things.  I suggested why don’t you stop talking to me and pray about it? She thought it was a good idea. 


After a few min they kept going on and on and I had an enough I told her not to send me anymore negative thoughts because I can’t fix your problems only God can.  She asked me how I said be still and know that he is God!  I have learned that we all need to listen to God instead of going to others; I know that I constantly go to others for advice before going to God and that’s not the right to do things.


People tend to think ok God I’m talking to you so please answer me immediately and when he doesn’t talk back to us we tend to get upset disappointed and worried but that my friends is a trick from the enemy himself he tells us that God doesn’t care that he hasn’t heard our prayers but I tell you that our Father hears from his children and his sheep hear his voice.  I remember I was mad at God for letting my brother go to heaven and not stay here on earth with me I was so mad I said Lord I just accepted you and you didn’t hear my prayer you did the exact opposite from what I wanted!


Here’s the thing we pray for a miracle or that a loved one lives and sometimes God doesn’t do what we ask because he sees the bigger picture we just see the part of the puzzle.  He is the potter and we are the clay, my brother was sixteen when the Lord took him home and yes I was one angry teen at the time but now I thank the Lord for taking him so that he didn’t have to suffer!  Sometimes all God wants us to do is be still and know that he is God! So when you’re going through a tough situation talk to God and wait till he answers you don’t rush just be still!





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jesuslives2 - 6 years ago

it was from God not really my heart but ok, I pray about my blogs and ask the Lord what i should write and what he wants me to say then i send them off to my secret agent and then if they aprove i post :) great methed huh?

m7th - 6 years ago

Well written thought from your heart. heart messeges speak the loudest to those that hear

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