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Wed, Dec 27 2017 - 05:56 PM


My Christmas was amazing and emotional at the same time, to give a little back ground I am the first born of 5 meaning after me my parents had 4 more kids, the second oldest is my brother and we are 1 yr and two days apart which is considered irish twins so yes I am twin.  Tweleve years ago my brother passed due to a car wreck and i am doing better in the greiving process ect.  but for some reason every time my grandmother or mom sends me a picture of me and my brother or just my brother my heart breaks and i go back to i wish he was here.  this year my mother gave me something really special and its a canvas picture of me and both brothers i was probably in 4th grade and my youngest brother was just a baby and im debating in hiding it so i dont get depressed or hang it up.  does anyone have this problem when lost a loved one?  my first real death that i have experianced was brothers and to this day doesnt seem real...I would like suggestions on what to do and how to cope i willl say i am doing better i am no longer suicidal and i do have a support team so if i ever needed to talk i can always go to my pastors family and i blog/journal some times but thats about it.  I know i will always miss my little brother and i know the pain doesnt completely go away.  I just want to rember the good but some nights i have dreams about his wreck so prayers are needed thanks.

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jesuslives2 - 1 year ago

awwww sarah I'm sorry... my family doesn't talk about my brother much either its like welp their gone so we don't talk...I love to talk about my brother but my parents its a sore spot so I never mention him unless we talk about something then I will say didn't dean do that or something like that but then after its answered silence I just want to remember the good times not the bad I dk if that's wrong or not

praizeop2 - 1 year ago

I would not pretend to tell you want to do because I am not in that situation. The only thing I can tell you is what happened to me. My dad died when I was three. My mom took everything from the house that belonged to him including pictures. There was never anything of him about the house and he was never talked about. That was very hurtful to me and I felt that he was not only lost from me in life but also in death. I can't tell you what to do. I only know I wanted him to continue in my life and felt that he was taken from me in death as well as in life. God bless you. Blessings ~ Sarah

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